Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi crew! Thanks so much for joining us again! The big headline this week: David Jenkins went on record saying that Our Flag Means Death season 2 will be out in October! Read on for more info about that, and other fandom news.

July 16

Max’s Portugal account posted about OFMD – using some never-before-seen pictures! (Except the Buttons one, Samba has posted that previously.) We think maybe they might be the work of on-set photographer Aaron Epstein.

July 17

Max’s Serbo-Croatian account posted the same thing. We were excited to see two official Max posts in a row, however, those were the only ones this week.

July 18

We heard about another extra in S2, more info under the accordion.

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Our industry insider identified another extra, Faisal Zakaria, for S2. This photo is from September, which is when S2 was being filmed (in fact, around the same time when episode 1 was being filmed), and may feature his costume in OFMD.

His bio is no longer live on his agency’s website, which may indicate he is moving to another agency.

July 19

The big news of the week! Get ready… David Jenkins was on a podcast saying (on record this time!) that S2 is airing in October! 🥳

The conversation about OFMD is at the beginning of the episode, with the October mention about 5 minutes in. DJenks talks about how they’re finishing visual effects, which we know concluded at the end of June, so this interview is likely a couple months old. There was some concern in the fandom as to whether the premiere date might be pushed back because of the SAG-AFTRA strike (which likely hadn’t happened yet at the time of recording), but our industry insider chimed in (link to thread on Twitter):

The silver lining in all this chaos is that the strikes don’t impact shows already produced. Max wants subscriber & ad revenue now as opposed to later because they want to report a profit by the end of the year, & they don’t get that by withholding their product because that would just result in subscriber cancellations. They want to act like it’s business as usual with their releases & like the strikes aren’t fazing them, which might be the case for now because they’re well stocked w/ already produced content, but it won’t last forever. They also have upfront ad commitments to honor for the fall. Advertisers paid for new scripted content in their upcoming lineup which we now know includes OFMD. They are NOT parting with that much-needed ad revenue!

We’re very excited about a potential October release date – but we’re still waiting for Max to confirm. Hopefully if it’s October, we’ll get some kind of official date (plus a poster? teaser trailer?) by end of August? Trailer sometime in September? We’ll see.

Popverse (the news agency behind ReedPop, who runs most of the cons that have featured OFMD in the last year) put out an article about the news – sort of an “everything we know so far about S2.” On closer inspection, the article mentions some information we are pretty sure is not true about S2, including mentions of returning (dead) characters. We are in touch with Popverse about the article and hope to help correct some of the information (or maybe get clarity on their sources). They got mercilessly dunked on for using “BlackStede” as the ship name (which was a contender in very early fandom days, but has since been phased out by “Gentlebeard” – preferred by DJenks – or sometimes “BlackBonnet,” common on Tumblr).

July 20

Con was spotted being happy about being out! We love to see it.

We also got some more confirmation of additional extras for S2, check under the accordion if you want to know more information.

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Thanks again to our industry insider, we have discovered tons of new cast members from Heroes & Villains NZ, a talent agency specializing in stunt, combat, and action roles. What we’re seeing is more and more evidence of lots of fighting in S2, possibly a big battle of some kind. Now, some of these actors are no longer listed on the agency’s website – it’s likely they have moved to another agency. But we will show their last available listing, and what their OFMD credits were.

Ken S: “FE (Featured Extra) Action”

Dwayne G: “Action Talent”

Jon A (PDF): “Action Talent” (no longer listed on the agency’s website)

Alex D (PDF): “Action Talent” (no longer listed on the agency’s website)

Brigid M: Unspecified role

Nye G: “Action Talent” (no longer listed on the agency’s website)

Marlon H: “Stand In” / “Action Talent”

Marcin K: Unspecified role

Kian F: Unspecified role

Zhanda P (PDF): “Extras roles” (no longer listed on the agency’s website)

Ellenette W (PDF): “Civilian” (no longer listed on the agency’s website). This role is interesting, because it might suggest interaction between military and “civilians” (ie, non-military people).

July 22

Samba celebrated the end of #RizzyWeek on Twitter with a nice shout-out to the Rizzy Zine. (It’s been very quiet without all the Samba posts! ngl, we were happy to see this one.)

Funnily enough, it had also been #BottomStedeWeek on Twitter…

We also got confirmation of even more extras in S2! More info under the accordion.

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Our industry insider found some more stunt crew, courtesy of the Stunt Guild of New Zealand.

Abigail Swain: Stunt Performer

They also managed to track down Abigail’s Instagram. This quick clip (from TikTok originally, but appears to have been deleted there) is indicated to have been during September and October of 2022, which was when S2 was filming. Perhaps this is practicing a scene for OFMD. (Look at that arsenal of weapons in the background!)

Ashlee Fidow: Stunt Performer

Scott Marsh: Stunt Performer

Jacob Tomuri: Stunt Coordinator

Other Things This Week:

  • July 17: Rhys went striking on behalf of SAG-AFTRA!
  • July 17: Queer publication Into posted an article about Vico’s polyamorous relationships.
  • July 17: Rhys is asking fans to not buy tickets to multiple shows, and let other fans have a chance.
  • July 18: Unscripted comedy show “Our Flag Means (Insert Suggestion Here)” will be debuting in Toronto in September.
  • July 18: Dominic Burgess went striking on behalf of SAG-AFTRA!
  • July 18: Kristian released a new podcast episode.
  • July 18: Vico rounded out their trip to Melbourne with some animal encounters.
  • July 18: There’s an informal logo parody contest going on on Twitter, ending August 31.
  • July 19: Damien Gerard went striking on behalf of SAG-AFTRA!
  • July 19: There’s a new POC-run 25+ Gentlebeard Discord channel! DM this Twitter user to join.
  • July 19: Guz Khan is launching another tour in the UK!
  • July 20: Leslie Jones is requesting donations on behalf of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.
  • July 20: Sales for the digital Izzy zine “Above All Else” are now open, proceeds to be donated to LGBTQ+ assistance organization Mermaids UK.
  • July 20: Burning River Roller Derby had an OFMD-themed night, and will be continuing to sell the OFMD merch from the event until the end of July, with proceeds going to TransOhio.
  • July 20: Kristen Schaal went striking on behalf of SAG-AFTRA! (With a chameleon!)
  • July 20: The trailer for “The Queen Mary” with Joel Fry was released!
  • July 21: OFMD writer Zadry Ferrer-Geddes is calling for signatures to a petition asking for safe striking conditions.
  • July 21: Dominic Burgess went striking again!
  • July 21: An artist has made 3 OFMD shirts benefiting the Entertainment Community Fund (which gives financial assistance to strikers).
  • July 21: There’s one week left to join Vico’s swordfighting class with Be Momentus!
  • July 22: OFMD costume designer Gypsy Taylor was at San Diego Comic Con with the Costume Designers Guild.

And that’s what went on this week! Wow – it’s coming, you guys (/gn)! If October is confirmed, we’re less than 100 days until the premiere of S2! 😵 What!

Until next week, be excellent to each other,