Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy middle of October, crew! We’re halfway through the month, and more than halfway through S2 – it feels a bit bittersweet. Lots of amazing stuff this week, including New York Comic Con (NYCC)! We had a bunch more interviews this week too, which are listed out at the end of this post. Let’s get into it!

⚠️ Please note that we are not hiding any content featuring scenes from episodes 1-5. We will continue to hide content from future episodes under spoiler accordions. ⚠️

October 8

We were treated to tons of great S2 behind-the-scenes content (BTS) from a crew member! You can find many of them posted in the below Twitter thread, or all of them here in our gallery.

October 9

We got some great BTS from the Red Flag episodes!

We were also treated to some water filming BTS from cinematographer Andy Rydzewski. When this film studio opened, their massive water tank made a “splash” and we are so glad to see them making these amazing scenes with it.

We also got some BTS of Hornigold’s scenes – including from Mark Mitchinson (Hornigold) himself!

We got tons of new photos for episodes 4 & 5, which you can view below, or in our gallery here.

A New Yorker noticed that our beloved banner on the HBO headquarters was being replaced. Sigh.

October 10

We got some nice BTS from cinematographer Nathaniel Goodman of the “message in a bottle” scene!

Rotten Tomatoes gave S2 a shout-out!

October 11

People were making fun of Jenk’s flip-flops (thongs) in Nathaniel’s BTS above, so a crew member came to his rescue…

We got tons more great BTS from the first three episodes from crew members!

David Jenkins got all misty-eyed about his time in New Zealand…

And – wow! An analytics platform Flix Patrol said OFMD was the most watched series in the world!

Samba came out of the shadows to give us a warning… (Technically he shouldn’t be engaging with the show, per SAG-AFTRA, but we’re glad to hear from him when we can!)

October 12

Episodes 4 & 5 premiered! And phew…

We did also hear from Jenks that S02E04 will be the last episode for Ewen – at least for S2.

Beyond the fiery double date on the island, Buttons (Ewen Bremner) finally takes his true form as a seagull in the final moments of the episode. Is this the last we will see of Buttons?

That is the great Ewen Bremner’s exit from Season 2. But if there were a Season 3, I would be incredibly lucky to have him grace us again. We had four episodes with Ewen, and I just love the idea of him turning into a bird: I love the idea of Buttons somehow being the one character that is able to figure that out. But also, I really like the thing he tells Blackbeard about change. You have to be able to change in order to love something the way it needs to be loved. He thought he could love the sea better as a bird than he could as a human.

Blackbeard needs to change in order to love Stede in the way he needs to be loved, and vice versa. Those two moments laid up against each other very nicely. Plus, that scene where the bird is flying away as Izzy stands on his new leg really worked well.

Some people found that Max didn’t play the preview for next week’s episodes, so here it is!

⚠️ Content from episodes 6 & 7 ⚠️

We got some BTS from crew members…

An attentive user discovered the title for the S2 finale! Under the accordion, if you don’t want to be spoiled…

⚠️ Title of the finale episode ⚠️

New York Comic Con officially kicked off – with a SAG-AFTRA protest, we love to see it! You can follow along with the shenanigans of NYCC, including the panel on Saturday with cast, at the below thread.

We got some new photos from episodes 4 & 5! You can view some of them below, or in our gallery here.

Crew members posted some more BTS from the first 3 episodes!

October 13

For lucky Friday the 13th, we were treated to details of Frenchie’s black cat S2 outfit!

We also noticed that the New Zealand Film Commission’s website on OFMD had a new video! It features interviews with cast and crew, and contains footage from upcoming episodes.

⚠️ Footage from upcoming episodes ⚠️

Phew, we are getting a lot of sneak peeks!

We got some more BTS from crew members – including the full list of Blackbeard’s crimes from his wanted poster! Tag yourself, we’re “potting ironic ashtrays”!

We also got a preview of next week’s episodes with some new photos! You can view them at the tweet in the accordion, or here in our gallery.

⚠️ Scenes from upcoming episodes ⚠️

October 14

Saturday was the day of the cast panel at New York Comic Con! We posted some highlights in the thread below, or you can watch a recorded version here. (The livestream was free, but the recording is only for Popverse members or NYCC digital ticketholders.) Sadly, because of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, the cast had to dance around mentioning OFMD. But it was still great seeing them all together again!

Everyone looked like they were having a great time.

We also heard that Max may be submitting episodes 1-3 for Emmy nominations!

Other Things This Week:

And that’s what happened this week! See you all next time!