Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, hello! Welcome to another Sunday wrap-up. Let’s walk you through fandom news from the past week!

⚠️ Please note that we are not hiding any content featuring scenes from episodes 1-7. We will continue to hide content from the finale under spoiler accordions. ⚠️

October 15

We checked on a whim and noticed that OFMD S2’s “Tomatometer” score had gone up!

New York Comic Con (NYCC) wrapped up. You can check out Sunday in our coverage thread starting with the below tweet.

October 16

We got some more merman BTS from (a sadly now-deleted tweet from) writer Alex Sherman.

And we got some BTS for the last couple episodes from director Andrew DeYoung!

We also started noticing that critics were being given the finale episode – previously, critics and news outlets putting out reviews of the season were not given access to ep8, so just be on the lookout for any potential spoiler articles from here on out.

The big event of the day was the screener for episodes 6 & 7 at NewFest, an LGBTQ+ film festival in New York City! Some of the NYCC attendees managed to snag a pass, we’re so happy they got to extend their convention experience. You can see our small thread about the event below (and promise, no spoilers).

October 17

Creator David Jenkins introduced us to Rhys’ stuntman!

Then Alex gave us some BTS of the storm episode – featuring the then-Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern (in the white coat in the right-hand picture).

Then a crew member gave us BTS of setting up the title card for 2×03!

Some of the crew attending NYCC were featured in a post by SAG-AFTRA!

October 18

Alex gave us a small hint at this week’s episodes… We love these close-ups on props for the show, they are so lovingly made.

We also heard from Erroll Shand (Prince Ricky) – who really shouldn’t be talking about the show, but we hope SAG-AFTRA isn’t looking too closely…

We were excited to see Max share some cosplay!

October 19

Episodes 6 & 7 aired! And we were glad to have a few items resolved – including the mud masks BTS, “Stede becomes a man,” and a hint at something exploding.

We love that Alex and Alyssa got to involve their family in the making of this show.

Jenks chimed in about one of the title cards!

And someone discovered something about one of the guest stars in 2×06…!

Staff writers Natalie Torres finally got a big credit for an episode (and Jes as well)!

We got some cool BTS from a background actor.

And a follow-up post from one of Jackie’s trans husbands.

We got a few BTS updates from set decorator Lindsey Cantrell.

And WBD released some new photos from episodes 6 & 7! You can see some below, or in our gallery. (Note that we do have a couple of spoilers in that gallery for the finale.)

October 20

We got a couple of updates from Alex & Jenks.

We saw that WBD (Max’s parent company) released a couple of photos from episode 8 on their press website. One of these does spoil a plot point in the finale, so view at your own discretion.

⚠️ Finale spoilers ⚠️

Here are the two photos:

You can see some discussion on Twitter about the letter here: https://x.com/Seven_Sugars/status/1715402480907907540?s=20

Here’s Jes bragging about his episode – 2×07!

Set decorator Lindsey Cantrell did a couple more BTS posts.

We noticed that writer Simone Nathan gave a little story about Lucius’ doodles!

October 22

Sure, Alex. Sure.

We discovered a couple of older posts from Zak Enayat, who appears to be working as both actor and costumer in these posts.

Other Things This Week:

And that’s what went on this week! Next Thursday is the finale… Are you ready?

Until then, be excellent to each other.
– OFMDCrew