Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy December, crew! We are winding down the end of the year with a very interview-heavy week. We will quote a couple important ones, but a full list is also available at the end of this page. And as always, all BTS and such mentioned is also available in our gallery! Let’s get into it.

November 27

Starting out strong on a Monday morning with some BTS (behind-the-scenes) from Con.

And from Samba!

Excitingly, Rhys committed to a regular BTS series of his own! Here is “archive pic 1” of ???

We mentioned in our last weekly wrap-up, but officially this podcast is now available to the public. It was nice to hear Will Arnett finally(!) talk about his time on OFMD.

Then a typo from writer Alex Sherman sent the fandom running to AO3…

November 28

The day started with a nose like no other from Erroll.

Then Vico dropped another BTS bomb!

“Pirates on a boat” became the anthem of the day.

The Momentus baking class with Samba from November 18, where he also talks about deleted scenes and other BTS moments, is now available to watch on YouTube.

Rhys continued his “archive” series!

Then two big interview articles came out, with a couple of quotes that sent the fandom buzzing.

And if that isn’t enough to assuage fans, Jenkins makes one thing very clear: O’Neill is not off the show. He won’t say how he’s going to manage that, “but as long as this show is on, I want Con on it.”

LA Times

Rhys: Well, obviously as it stands now, it’s very lovely and it’s a nice positive ending, which is lovely for Season 2. But in reality, if you think about the characters, even in the fictional world, they’re both outlaws, they’re pirates, and the British back then… they never gave up. They did track down all the pirates and either hang them or get rid of them. There was only a couple that got away, and it certainly wasn’t those two. […]

Q: Do you think this version of Stede and Blackbeard’s story could avoid the fate of the real-life pirates?

Rhys: Yeah, no, I think you’re dreaming if you think they’re going to live happily ever after.

TV Insider

Some fans have chosen to interpret Rhys’ quote as an extension of David Jenkins’ third episode idea, where they still have work to do on their relationship. Of course, Rhys is not in charge of writing S3 (if we get a S3), but fans were a little concerned about the idea.

Con coming back for S3, however…

November 29

HBO is still releasing merch from their shop – and actors are still being sent for interviews. All are good signs for a S3!

Samba graced us with another “Behind the Flag” video. (Please remember to tag, mention, or credit in some way – he asked us to!)

And a third archive pic!

November 30

Thursday was just filled with BTS, starting with Erroll again.

Then more from Samba!

And Amanda Grace Leo, whom he tagged in an Instagram story.

Rhys then dropped a couple gifts for us!

December 1

“The gays are gonna love it.” — Vico Ortiz

And a couple of selfies from Rhys and Samba…

Plus a cool look at how they dressed the set for after the explosion in the Republic of Pirates.

December 2

We got a heads up from set decorator Lindsey Cantrell that HBO was going to be checking the numbers on Sunday – luckily, the #RenewAsACrew folks already had plans for that day!

We got a couple of gorey BTS from makeup artists…

Another Rhys selfie!

And some Taika BTS. Some may remember the infamous pearl necklace photo circulating last December…

December 3

Samba treated us to his costume and makeup preparation process.

And we discovered a couple older posts from Amanda Grace Leo (Tiff) and a couple of makeup artists.

Other Things This Week

So that’s it! Happy December, all. We will see you next week.

Be excellent to each other,