Weekly Wrap-Up

We are one month in the gravy basket as of this week, folks. But spirits remain high, we keep on trucking! Let’s get into all that happened this week!

February 4

A day after he announced he was on Cameo, fans rallied together to get a message for the crew!

February 5

BBC iPlayer dropped all episodes of season 2 on Monday, and immediately it was one of the most popular shows on the platform.

Ahead of the first episode of season 2 premiering on BBC Two, local papers published their reviews.

Matt Maher is coming to another con – he got a taste of the good stuff at NYCC!

In honor of the S2 premiere, we got another BTS shot from Samba.

On Instagram, Samba also shared a BTS video of him lighting the canon fireworks!

We got another Cameo from Rhys…

And Kristian hosted his first #WeeJohnWednesday – or rather, since they’re on Mondays now, he’s calling them Wee John Wondays! Below is our live-tweet thread of the event (with a surprise guest!).

One of the things mentioned is that, as far as anyone knows, the sets and props are all still in the warehouse in New Zealand…


February 6

Our partner-in-crime Astroglide pitched another OFMD-related product…

And we had another Rhys Cameo clip!

Research company YouGov may be collecting analytics about the show!

And we gained a new product partner – Old Spice!

GalaxyCon Raleigh previously was just Vico and Nathan – but now they have added Con! So it will be the golden trio for all three GalaxyCon events with OFMD guests (Raleigh, Columbus, and San Jose)!

February 7

Samba released a shout-out to everyone’s favorite Samoan grandfather – David Fane!

#SaveOFMD flyers are still going!

We were happy to hear from Hugo Pierre Martin again!

And yet more Rhys Cameo clips!

UK streamers were giving lots of attention to S2…

February 8

We heard from David Jenkins! It’s always nice seeing him log on and interact with fans.

PinkNews continues to be a great partner…

And Astroglide reacted to the cosplay event #WearFineThingsWell!

BBC advertised the show again!

And a convention shared our petition!

Writer Alex Sherman was lurking…

Rhys released another Cameo (and you can see a lot of these on his Cameo page)!

Samba posted a follow-up to his David Fane post, the infamous eel footage!

February 9

The fandom observed one month since cancellation…

But we are still getting the word out!

Fans were cautiously excited about a new convention announced for November…

OFMD’s cancellation got caught up in the news that Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav decided officially to shelve “Coyote vs. Acme” – this was apparently the straw on the camel’s back, after a bunch of other cancellations. We got a mention (and headlining photo!) in The Hollywood Reporter:

And a shout-out from the Roger Ebert website…

Cameo posted a baffling promo pic…

And the petition officially hit 85,000 signatures!

The big headline of the day was that Jenks saw a #SaveOFMD ad in NYC!

February 10

…and so did Matt!

February 11

Unfortunately, OFMD did not win an ADG Award the night before – Reservation Dogs did, which was very well deserved. But unexpectedly, we got to see a little bit of Rhys!

Q+ Magazine did a rewatch of S2 in partnership with @AdoptOurCrew on Twitter.

And the guest was announced for tomorrow’s WJW – or not??

Other Things This Week:

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