Weekly Wrap-Up

The last week of January is behind us – the year is already going by so quickly! Let’s get into what happened in the OFMD fandom this week…

#1: Unwelcome, an Irish folk horror film starring Kristian Nairn, was announced for release 1/27, with a teaser trailer.

#2: Ewen Bremner celebrated his 51st birthday on 1/23! Happy birthday, Ewen!

#3: Puss in Boots, which stars Samson Kayo as Baby Bear, was nominated for an Oscar on 1/24! The 95th Academy Awards ceremony will be held in Hollywood on 3/12.

#4: A new Disney animated show was announced, featuring the voice of Rhys as Trollie, a troll living under a bridge. “Kiff” will launch on the Disney Channel 3/10, and on Disney+ 3/15.

#5: An interview with Samba Schutte by podcast Geekscape about his family podcast Otter Space – and of course, Our Flag Means Death – was released on 1/24.

#6: Forspoken, a game in which Samba provides some character voices, was released 1/25.

#7: Kristian hosted another live-tweet on 1/25, the UK has now just watched episode 4. He then did a Q&A chat with producers Alyssa Lane and Alex Sherman, which had some technical troubles… You can view the video at Kristian’s Instagram here, or read our live-tweet of the Q&A on our Twitter. One of the highlights of the Q&A was this gem here:

#8: Following the Q&A with Alex Sherman, which included discussions about the music on the show, someone thinks they’ve found his Spotify account, and crucially, his S2 playlist (some people think it’s supposed to just be his “writing vibes” playlist, some people think it’s the actual soundtrack listing).

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers! ⚠️

Alex Sherman’s supposed S2 playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4aX7dVn6osRowl8QKXjceV?si=U65KEoYGTMWLKmsrpyzNsg

Source: @lamew1tch on Twitter.

Our take:

#9: Nat Faxon was announced on 1/26 as the voice of Frog in an upcoming Frog and Toad adaptation. The show will premiere on Apple TV+ on 4/28.

#10: Matthew Maher was announced on 1/26 as starring in upcoming retro scifi dramedy Hello Tomorrow! which launches on Apple TV+ on 2/17.

#11: Vico was nominated on 1/26 for a Queerty award for best TV performance in an LGBTQ+ media piece! Voting goes from now through 2/21, and you can vote once a day, so many sure you come back often and #VoteForVico!

#12: On 1/26, Rhys was seen with shorn locks. RIP the Stede hair. 🪦

#13: On Friday 1/27, during the many interviews involving Rita Ora’s new single, whose music video features her at her own wedding, Rita confirmed what many people had already been suspecting since last August, which is that she and Taika are definitely married. Mazel tov to the both of them.

#14: On 1/27 New Zealand declared a state of emergency because of widespread flooding. At least one (S2) cast member lives in an affected area.

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Here’s a tweet from Erroll Shand (playing Prince Ricky in S2), filming from his house.

#15: On 1/28, Vico dropped a S2 hint on Instagram…

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Make sure to click through, Vico’s comment at the bottom of the picture is the important bit…

Potentially, this could be a follow-up from this tantalizing BTS post…

Lots to think about this week. We hope the next one treats you well. Until then.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Feel like there’s a lot happening all at once, and it’s hard to keep up with it all? Never fear, we do a nice summary of fandom news once a week just for you!

#1: On 1/15, Twitter user @_knee_pain noticed that a plot for S02E01 had been uploaded to IMDB. It has not been confirmed whether someone affiliated with the show uploaded it, or an IMDB user (which is possible, like Wikipedia). There has been no confirmation from cast, crew, or HBO yet (as of 1/21/23).

⚠️ Warning: Potential spoilers below⚠️
A plot found for season 2, episode 1 on IMDB. "Stede reunites with his crew, and goes searching for Blackbeard and the Revenge. Jim does their best to escape their kidnappers, but the Revenge is in for a surprise."

#2: It was also apparently National Tattoo Day on 1/15 as Taika & Rita, as well as Nathan, were seen out getting tatted.

#3: Leslie Jones was a guest on The View on 1/16 to talk about her upcoming role as guest host of The Daily Show, but ended up giving us a potential tidbit about S2…

⚠️ Warning: Spoilers! ⚠️

Of course, we already knew that Leslie was filming S2 based on her 11/25 cupcakes post…

Leslie Jones posted to her Instagram (and then promptly deleted it). It's a tray of orange cupcakes. Text says: "Happy birthday to my friend and play brother! My hair stylist extraordinaire!! @shaluga111 Thank you for your patience and joy and calm to bring me!! Always having my back and letting me know what's real!! Love you boo! Hope you have the best birthday here on our New Zealand adventure! Thank you Samba for the cupcakes!! They was bomb!!"

And they seem to be treating her involvement in S2 pretty much as an open secret these days…

But now we have another potential piece of information about S2! Around 5:30 in the video below, or you can read at this article here: https://screenrant.com/our-flag-death-season-2-spanish-jackie-story

Of course, after Samba’s “heartbreaking” drop last week, and now with Leslie’s information, Samson posted to his Instagram…

From Samson Kayo's Instagram stories. A female-presenting person wearing sunglasses and laughing. Text reads: "OFMD fam thinking ima give out spoilers"

#4: Speaking of Leslie, she made her debut on The Daily Show on 1/17 (through 1/19) to rave reviews:

#5: Vico announced they had been cast in upcoming film Re-Live, set in Guam: https://deadline.com/2022/09/rain-valdez-film-re-live-adds-yoshi-sudarso-jamie-clayton-more-1235110446

#6: It was announced that Nolly, a period piece about “soap opera legend Noele ‘Nolly’ Gordon” will be airing on PBS’s Masterpiece on 2/2, in which Con O’Neill would be playing the character Jack Barton.


#7: Joel Fry & Rory Kinnear debuted a Netflix film called Bank of Dave on 1/16, a biopic about a self-made millionaire who set up a community bank following the 2008 recession.

Still from Netflix's "Bank of Dave." Joel Fry and Rory Kinnear's characters sit together at a table eating a meal.

#8: The biggest award so far, Our Flag Means Death was nominated on 1/18 for a GLAAD Award! The ceremony will take place on 3/30 in Los Angeles and 5/13 in New York City.

#9: Following the GLAAD Award announcement, the HBO accounts on Twitter and Instagram for Our Flag Means Death seemed to awaken from the dead, not having posted anything since 8/21 and 6/14, respectively. They retweeted GLAAD’s announcement, Samba’s reaction, and a couple of fan reactions, and created a nice graphic on their Instagram story for folks to share, and then disappeared back into the night… They haven’t been seen for several days.

David Jenkins sharing to his Instagram story HBO's announcement at being a GLAAD Media Award nominee. The picture they used was from ep9, where Ed is trying to save Stede from being shot. Rhys looks panicked, not a great picture IMO HBO, but you do you.

Fans were hopeful that the renewed activity, plus the timing of the release of the first teaser trailer (and the fact that the OFMD HBO Twitter account retweeted Samba’s post about the first teaser trailer) might mean we will be getting a peek at S2 soon… However, the accounts have gone dormant again. We will have to see how things play out over the next couple of weeks.

#10: Taika was announced as Executive Producer for an upcoming Hulu adaptation of best-selling novel Interior Chinatown, which tells “the story of Willis Wu, a background character trapped in a police procedural trying to find his way into the larger story.”

#11: On 1/18, the UK were treated to OFMD episode 3, and Kristian did his usual live-tweeting and Q&A after. This week, Vico joined us! You can catch up with the live-tweet at our Twitter here…

And watch the Q&A with Kristian and Vico at Kristian’s Instagram here (sadly, no S2 tidbits from this Q&A this week): https://www.instagram.com/p/CnkxnbqNC0R/


#12: Ewan Bremner was announced for an upcoming Civil War film!

#13: Vico went for a drive with their friend Jack, and found a Con out in the California desert! The fandom proceeded to have a collective nosebleed at how good they look.

#14: Vico, Samba, and Kristian are coming to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (“C2E2”) on 4/1 and 4/2!

#15: We also saw Rhys taking the time to greet fans while at his son’s concert in Los Angeles.

Lots going on this week, and lots more to come! Stay with us as we wait for the first teaser trailer for S2 (coming so soon, we can feel it in our bones)!

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week kicks off the annual awards season, so that was a big chunk of the OFMD headlines (or rather, not). The UK was also treated to OFMD episode 2, and another Q&A chat with Kristian Nairn! Let’s dig into the particulars…

#1: OFMD has been nominated for a couple of awards, but largely ignored by the “big guys” (Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, etc). We’re happy for the show to be recognized in any way, though!

#2: As part of the award season, Taika Waititi and wife Rita Ora have been seen going to various parties…

#3: Back from his Polynesian vacation (and engagement!), Dominic Burgess has started a new project…

#4: Con O’Neill was seen attending the 1/9 Los Angeles premiere of HBO’s “The Last Of Us” at Regency Village Theatre. Con had originally been announced as playing Bill, but eventually had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts. It’s cool he’s still showing up to support this project.

#5: Leslie Jones was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on 1/10 talking about her upcoming role as first guest host of The Daily Show on 1/17, as well as psychic matchmakers, and other shenanigans…

You can catch clips of her on the show on Instagram and YouTube:

#6: On 1/10, OFMD writer Alex Sherman shared some (presumably S2!) post-production… No spoilers, but you gotta wonder what they’re working on…

#7: Kristian Nairn ran another live-tweet of episode 2 of OFMD on 1/11, as well as another live Q&A chat afterward, this time guest starring Samba Schutte and Rhys Darby! Samba miiight have let loose a small S2 spoiler…


The live Q&A is available for watching at Kristian’s Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CnSwk_tOHyw

You can follow our live-tweet of episode 2 and the Q&A here:

#8: Half an hour after the live, Samba was seen in the company of one Con O’Neill! It was around 4pm California time by then, so presumably they got dinner together or somesuch.

#9: On 1/12, Emerald City Comic Con announced that Vico Ortiz would be joining the OFMD lineup, along with Rhys Darby and Samba Schutte!

#9: On 1/11, Taika was seen supporting an indigenous-led film The Territory, about deforestation in the Amazon and its impact on the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau people. You can learn more about the film (now on Disney+) here, and take action on this issue here.

#10: Rhys did some voicework on 1/12 – possibly OFMD post-production work?

#11: Vico Ortiz has also been doing some voicework; they’ve just finished narrating the audiobook for The Wicked Bargain by Gabe Cole Novoa, out 2/28. The synopsis from Vico…

#12: Rhys was invited to join famed British panel quiz show QI‘s “elves” on their informative podcast No Such Thing As Fish, episode 461 (phew, that’s a lot of episodes)!

#13: On 1/13, the trailer dropped for Mel Brook’s new TV series History of the World, Part II, and guess who’s playing Freud (0:34 in)…!

#14: On 1/13, the teaser dropped for The Daily Show‘s 1/17 return to the air with guest host Leslie Jones. The preview can be seen on their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnXhVFBjecv/

#15: On 1/14, Samba revealed some BTS pictures for an upcoming film he’s starring in, called Advanced Chemistry which is in post-production.

#16: People continue to either love on OFMD or post it as part of their “best of” listicles:

Another eventful week! We hope the next one treats you well, dear readers, and we’ll be back for the next wrap-up next Saturday!

Weekly Wrap-Up

The first full week of 2023 – let’s see what’s been going on in the OFMD fandom!

#1: The big news this week was the launch of OFMD on BBC2 and iPlayer in the UK on 1/4! (Welcome, new UK crew!)

In promoting the first aired episode, Samba also gave us a nice BTS video from ep9.

Kristian Nairn was kind enough to do a live-tweet of (his first watch of!) the first episode, and also hosted a live Instagram Q&A with Nathan Foad and surprise guest Con O’Neill afterward.

The live Q&A after ep1 can now be seen on Kristian’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CnAwAOmvLog/

Some highlights:

After the premiere came the reviews. PinkNews was just as excited as the fandom, The Guardian was mainly critical, but The Telegraph was positive, comparing the humor to the classic BBC show Blackadder. OFMDCrew were disappointed that, despite it being evident both reviewers had seen the whole series, neither the Guardian nor Telegraph touched on much LGBTQ+ discussion, or talked about the eventual romance between Blackbeard & Stede. Perhaps they didn’t want to spoil the show for those who were completely new to it and only watching one episode per week – we shall see.

#2: Damien Gerard (Mr. Teach) did a Q&A of his own on his Twitter on New Year’s Day.

#3: According to Production List, Taika Waititi’s new untitled Star Wars film began filming on 1/2. Assuming Taika needed to be on-set from day one, Taika’s schedule must be punishing, having just attended the UNICEF gala in the Caribbean on 1/29. We didn’t see him for New Year’s (as we did for Christmas – or Hanukkah, whichever he was celebrating), presumably he was having one of his famous Taika naps that weekend…

#4: OFMD continued to hit “top of 2022” lists:

#5: By 1/5, it began trickling through the fandom that the new COVID variant (XBB.1.5) had been nicknamed “Kraken” by scientists.

#6: On 1/5, the Daily Show announced that Leslie Jones was going to be the first guest host of the show (following Trevor Noah’s final appearance on 12/8).

#7: Samba Schutte finally took off from Aotearoa New Zealand with partner Aria on 1/7 to head back to Los Angeles. His choice of attire for the flight was notable… 👀

https://www.instagram.com/stories/sambaschutte/3010718652296643675/ https://www.instagram.com/stories/sambaschutte/3010719077062243545/

#8: Rhys is back in Los Angeles. He has been doing “honey-dos” and taking his family out to see the “Stranger Things” exhibition.


⚠️ Possible S2 stuff in the accordion! Expand at your own risk. ⚠️

Suspicious things continue to happen on not-David-Jenkins’ Tumblr account. Those that think this is really David Jenkins seem to be in a slight minority at the moment. But yours truly will continue to keep an eye on this blog, it’s intriguing…

The first post is a picture from Te Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove), which has been confirmed as a S2 filming location. However, the “depression robe” has been photoshopped into the bottom left corner. The intriguing piece is that no one can seem to find this exact photo using Google Images or TinEye.
A picture of four oranges on the ground, one in in the background. They sit on top of a strawberry plant which is just blooming. “Qttp” says the text – using the Caesar Cypher, that reads “look,” but no one can see anything of note in the photo.
Poem “The Mermaid” by William Butler Yeats. The link to Yeats leads to a historical post about the “Dutch Shipworm Epidemic of the 1730s,” which could either be an allusion to Lucius hiding in the walls of the ship.

And that’s it! Join us next week for more news on OFMD fandom happenings.

New Year’s Eve Round-Up

Another year, come and gone… And what a year it was – it brought us this little show called Our Flag Means Death…!

Let’s see what the cast was up to this past weekend! Looks like lots of parties, and lots of well-wishes… And one possibly-naked Rhys Darby… 🤔

There was also a lot of gratitude floating around amongst the fandom on Twitter on New Year’s Eve…

⚠️ Warning: S2 cast spoilers below! ⚠️

Ruibo Qian also celebrated a birthday on January 1! Happy birthday to Ruibo! (And go get those gainz, Madeline!)

Happy New Year from us to you! Hoping 2023 brings everyone just as much OFMD joy as 2022!

Christmas Round-Up

Lots of the cast and crew were seen celebrating Christmas, or were seen at a holiday party of some kind this weekend. Here’s a roundup of all their well wishes and shenanigans!

Rita Ora tries to make a tequila punch while Taika lurks in the background
Rita Ora & Taika Waititi spend Christmas with their friends.

⚠️ Warning: S2 spoilers below the cut! ⚠️

Here are some other Christmas posts… from (spoilers) cast and showing (spoilers) content!

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