Mailing Campaign

Dear HBOMax: RenewOurFlagMeansDeath

Send feedback to HBO to let them know you’d like to see more of Our Flag Means Death! If you want to send physical feedback, we recommend postcards because they get your message to HBO quickly and your message can be viewed without opening anything. 

Where to Send Feedback

Mailing Address
Re: Our Flag Means Death S2
30 Hudson Yards
New York, NY 10001

You can also submit feedback online at (Topic should be: Programming Feedback or Programming Request). Make sure you have a current HBO account and use that email address to submit it so that they know you’re a customer!

How to Send A Postcard Without Leaving Your House

There are many websites you can order and send postcards from. Some options are:;; Walmart; Walgreens; etc. This guide details how to use This post is not sponsored. We encourage you to find the best site for you. 

  1. Visit to select an image for your postcard (This step is optional but encouraged)
    • Here, you can find various resources including letter templates. For now, go into the “Postcard Cover Photos” folder. In this folder, there are several promotional photos for the show from WarnerMedia as well as custom postcard designs by @poorlyformedart on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Go to and select “Send a card” from the front page
    • This guide details how to make a custom postcard from your own image, so there is no need to browse designs
    • On the next page, select the first option. It is called “Classic, 1 Photo.” Select “Postcard” for this option.
  3. Click on the postcard and upload the image you want to use
    • If you are using one of the custom designs from, it should fit perfectly! Otherwise, you may need to adjust the image placement.
    • [Optional] You can also select a border for the image, if you so choose
  4. Fill in the address (we are including the subject of the letter in the ‘Company: (Optional) section)
    • Recipient name: WarnerMedia
    • Company (Optional): Re: Our Flag Means Death S2
    • Address Line 1: 30 Hudson Yards
    • Address Line 2 (Optional): 500 W 33rd St
    • City: New York
    • State: NY
    • Zipcode: 10001
    • Country: United States
  5. Write your message on the left!
    • Say why you are writing in the first sentence (for example: I am writing to ask for Our Flag Means Death Season 2)
    • Be nice in your message! Consider thanking them for the first season!
    • There are 5 font options, 4 font size options, and 8 font color options. Play around with these choices but make sure your entire message fits completely
    • View our template postcard message at
  6. Go to checkout!
    • With no premium upgrades, your postcard should cost $2.69 USD (at time of writing)
    • You can pay via PayPal, Credit/ Debit card, or using points already accrued on the site
    • A window will appear confirming your order if it processes correctly

 And you are done! Thanks so much! If you have any additional questions, please message us on Twitter at @OFMDCrew

If you’d like to consider sending a message in a bottle, check out !