How to Schedule Tweets

How to Schedule Tweets (Mobile-Friendly)

By @OFMDCrew 

Scheduled tweetstorm events on Twitter are a fun way to participate in fandom and support Our Flag Means Death! But, what if the scheduled time is late at night in your timezone? Or you’re busy at that time? Or maybe you’re just excited and don’t want to waste your best tweets before the event!

Don’t worry! If you still want to take part, you can just schedule your Tweets in advance! Image instructions available here: one, two.


Step One: Log-in to Twitter using a browser 

  • MOBILE USERS: For whatever reason, you can’t schedule tweets from the Twitter app! You will need to log-in using a browser app, like Safari or Google Chrome

Step Two: Open a new tweet like you normally would and tap on the little calendar option

  • Below the text box, there is a small ribbon of icons. You want the fourth option (from the left)
    • From left-to-right on mobile, the options are: add an image from your device; add a gif that has already been uploaded to Twitter; add a custom poll; schedule your tweet; add your location
    • From left-to-right on desktop, the options are: add an image from your device; add a gif that has already been uploaded to Twitter; add a custom poll; add an emoji to the text;  schedule your tweet; add your location

Step Three: Go ahead and schedule your tweet, so you don’t forget!

  • Doublecheck when the Tweetstorm is scheduled (in your timezone)! All info regarding @OFMDCrew Tweetstorms will be posted on our Twitter account
  • You’ll need to select the day and time for the tweet to be posted. It’ll post at the time based on the timezone listed under those options (presumably your timezone)
  • Scheduling multiple tweets is great! We recommend scheduling tweets a few minutes apart

Step Four: Write your tweet (What kind of tweets get shared the most?)

  • Only use the recommended hashtags! Using more that two hashtags will diminish your chances of trending

Step Five: Consider adding an image or gif to your tweet

  • Tweets with media (images, gifs, videos, etc) get shared more
  • You can upload images already on your device or gifs already uploaded to twitter

Step Six: Don’t forget to add alt text to your images!

  • Alt text (short for alternative text) is a textual description of an image, such as a GIF. This description is announced by assistive technologies to tell people who cannot see the image what the image is showing (via
  • To add Alt text, click on ‘Add Description’ (should appear on the right below any image or gif you upload)
  • This source provides advice on writing good alt text