Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi crew! Headlines in the last couple weeks have been slow, which is great news as Good Omens S2 just came out, and we have a lot of fandom crossover. While everyone has been bingeing the new GO episodes and sipping on their cupperteas, we did have a couple items this week of note.

August 7

The biggest thing is – the Max account might actually be alive again? They commented on a fan post… This is the first fan interaction since last year.

August 8

Max’s Portuguese account posted a nice love letter to Buttons and Karl – along with what looks like a new promo or set photo (upper right)!

August 10

Fans celebrated the one year anniversary of the first kiss in the most famous OFMD fic – the Piña Coladas SMAU! (If you’ve lost track of it since last summer, Lottie is still posting – they’re on #748!)

Other Things This Week:

  • August 8: Taika collaborated with the artist behind “Safely Endangered” for a new book.
  • August 8: A Twitter user posted about an auction that will benefit the OFMStrike group.
  • August 9: The OFMDStrike group provided coffee for the WGA’s 100th day on strike.
  • August 9: Vico will be performing with “Them Fatale” on the 19th.
  • August 9: “Our Flag Means Pride” burlesque show is coming to New York City.
  • August 9: A zine is looking for artists!
  • August 10: The recording of Vico’s “Thirst & Parry” swordfighting class is online.
  • August 11: Rhys was on “Josh Gates Tonight”!

That’s all crew! Have a great week, we’ll see you next post!