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February 11

Vico did a chat with fandom favorite Samantha Rei about costuming in S2. You can catch the recording on Samantha’s Instagram. One of the big moments from the chat was:

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Weekly Wrap-Up

We are one month in the gravy basket as of this week, folks. But spirits remain high, we keep on trucking! Let’s get into all that happened this week!

February 4

A day after he announced he was on Cameo, fans rallied together to get a message for the crew! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

The work continues! We had a lot of great engagement still this week, and the BTS made a comeback as well! Let’s get into it.

January 28

19 days after cancellation and we still can get our tags trending!

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Weekly Wrap-Up

The theme of this week was “shopping.” And the memes were immaculate.

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Weekly Wrap-Up

What a week, crew. What a week. Buckle up, this post will be a long (and amazing) ride.

January 14

The #RenewAsACrew campaign announced a new partnership with #HoistTheAds, following Max’s decision not to go forward with a third season for OFMD. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Well crew, if you haven’t heard yet, we got sad news this week: David Jenkins announced that Max had not picked up Our Flag Means Death for a third season. We made a special blog post about that here. The theme of this week was fan activism – the #RenewAsACrew campaign and the fandom at large has been making great strides in making our voices heard. Continue reading

Our Flag Means Death Cancelled After Two Seasons

(Last updated 1/12/24)

After a week of excitement leading up to what seemed like renewal, the fandom received terrible news from the show creator: There will be no season three as originally envisioned.

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to a new year, crew! The theme of the week was “clowning”…

January 1

Show creator David Jenkins had a “good feeling” about 2024 – after Jenks’ “fresh trouble” post a couple weeks ago, the fandom honked their clown noses again for a season 3 renewal. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, crew! We are in the gravy basket between the holidays and the new year, and so things have been slow, but Samba has still come through with a few behind-the-scenes (BTS) posts!

December 24

First out of the gate this week was Nat Faxon, and a little bit of Spanish Jackie’s bedroom! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, crew! The theme of this week was Calypso’s Birthday, and year-end “best of” articles! Let’s get into it. As always, all the photos below can also be viewed in our gallery here.

December 18

What a great honor – Roger Ebert’s website gave a shout-out to OFMD! Continue reading