New Year’s Eve Round-Up

Another year, come and gone… And what a year it was – it brought us this little show called Our Flag Means Death…!

Let’s see what the cast was up to this past weekend! Looks like lots of parties, and lots of well-wishes… And one possibly-naked Rhys Darby… 🤔

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“Our Flag Means Death” Survives HBO Merger

Fans are relieved today to learn that Our Flag Means Death will not be on the chopping block for HBO – at least for now. After the merger between parent company Warner Brothers and Discovery on 4/8, and reports of HBO Max halting production of (and even cancelling) its originals for many of their markets, many have been fearful for Our Flag Means Death, the platform’s most successful show that nevertheless they seem to be avoiding advertising. Continue reading

First Look at “Our Flag Means Death” S2

Creator David Jenkins took to Twitter this morning to post an oh-so-tantalizing look at the second season of Our Flag Means Death.

A tweet from OFMD creator David Jenkins (@david_jenkins__) featuring a picture of the first page of a script.
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HBO Renews “Our Flag Means Death” for Pride Month

Season two is officially confirmed!

There were a few sneaky indicators in the weeks prior…

And there was some grumbling…

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