First Look at “Our Flag Means Death” S2

Creator David Jenkins took to Twitter this morning to post an oh-so-tantalizing look at the second season of Our Flag Means Death.

A tweet from OFMD creator David Jenkins (@david_jenkins__) featuring a picture of the first page of a script.
Text reads: “OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH “(redacted bar)” Episode #201, Written by David Jenkins.”

David Fane also leaked – and then deleted – proof of pre-production on S2 just a couple days after David’s script tweet. Check out that new logo – wonder what the mermaids mean?

A piece of paper. At the top, there's the words "Our Flag Means Death II" (2 is written with two Is) and a black flag flying next to it. The flag has on it two skeleton mermaids swimming in circles around each other, one holding Blackbeard's spear and the other the heart from Blackbeard's flag. Underneath the title and flag are the words "Costume Measurements." David's caption is: "👀👀". Rhys has liked the photo.
A now-deleted post from David Fane’s Instagram showing that pre-production was beginning already for S2 by August.

More updates to come as we hear more about S2!