Our Flag Means Death Cancelled After Two Seasons

(Last updated 1/12/24)

After a week of excitement leading up to what seemed like renewal, the fandom received terrible news from the show creator: There will be no season three as originally envisioned.

We mourn the loss of what could have been. But we are forever changed by the love, joy, and validation we felt watching the show.

The fandom responded the best we we know how – with memes.

Fans also expressed their gratitude for the show.

Everyone was abuzz talking about the cancellation – so much so, that the topic trended on Twitter in several countries.

Right out of the gate, many were speculating (including Popverse, who wrote a dangerously under-sourced article) that Taika may have contributed to the cancellation. Jenkins weighed in on that:

Essentially at this time, we don’t know exactly why the show was cancelled. Officially, we have nothing to go on but David Jenkin’s post, and a Max quote reported on by The Hollywood Reporter:

“While Max will not be moving forward with a third season of Our Flag Means Death, we are so proud of the joyous, hilarious, and heartfelt stories that creator David Jenkins, Taika Waititi, Rhys Darby, Garrett Basch, Dan Halsted, Adam Stein, Antoine Douaihy, and the entire superb cast and crew brought to life. We also thank the dedicated fans who embraced these stories and built a gorgeous, inclusive community surrounding the show,” a spokesperson for Max said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

However, we did hear from some people familiar with the industry.


The questions fans are having is… what now? Well, the #RenewAsACrew campaign is undertaking a new campaign, outlined in this thread:

Many fans are taking to the comments of Max posts about the show – if you join in, please be mindful of the post you’re commenting on.

Some fans are embracing the idea of marketing the show to other streaming networks. However, please be mindful when @ing them directly.

If you have favorite actors from the show, now would be a great time to check out their other work.

And remember – fandom never ends!


As with Izzy’s death, many fans are feeling all the feels right now. If you are struggling, please know that you’re not alone.

In the meantime, there has been so much love from the cast, crew, and sites that have enjoyed the show with us.

Cast & Crew Reactions

Rhys Darby (Stede Bonnet), doing a callback to this tweet

Samson Kayo (Oluwande)

Vico Ortiz (Jim)

Samba Schutte (Roach)

Kristian Nairn (Wee John)

Nathan Foad (Lucius Spriggs)

Erroll Shand (Prince Ricky) & Nathan Foad (Lucius Spriggs)

Ruibo Qian (Zheng Yi Sao) & makeup artist Deb Watson (full post from Ruibo also here)

Con O’Neill (Izzy)

David Fane (Fang)

Madeleine Sami (Archie)

Leslie Jones (Spanish Jackie)

Rachel House (Mary Read)

Writer Alex Sherman

Jon Recher, second assistant director (S1)

Dominic Burgess (Jeffrey Fettering, S1E10)

Hugo Pierre Martin (“Haughty Attendant,” S01E05)

Christopher Corbin (“Magic Man,” S01E03)

Writer Jes Tom

Music supervisor Maggie Phillips

Writer Natalie Torres

Writer Simone Nathan

Writer Zadry Ferrer-Geddes

Set decorator Megan Vertelle

Production designer Ra Vincent

Other Sites’ Reactions

Momentus, through whom Samba and Vico taught a couple of classes and had fun with fans (even during the SAG-AFTRA strikes!).

And Stands, who sells fandom apparel in conjunction with those classes.

We also heard from conventions that had hosted OFMD guests. (Please note, the linked Popverse article is under-sourced and should be read with a grain of salt.)

With love,