Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to a new year, crew! The theme of the week was “clowning”…

January 1

Show creator David Jenkins had a “good feeling” about 2024 – after Jenks’ “fresh trouble” post a couple weeks ago, the fandom honked their clown noses again for a season 3 renewal.

A fan calculated that we are just about in the same timeframe as we were when the S2 renewal was announced – not that Max necessarily follows the same schedules, but it’s still interesting to know. (That last renewal announcement seemed to take ages!)

January 2

An AO3 user calculated the top ships of 2023, and OFMD made the list twice!

We also celebrated the birthday of our queen, Ruibo Qian.

January 3

Some fans noticed that David is suggesting here that he (and writers Alex Sherman and Alyssa Lane) is still an employee of Max… We’ll continue to keep an eye on that… πŸ‘€

Shoutout of the day was Joel! Thanks as always, Samba!

The official Max account for OFMD was caught liking tweets again. The last time it did that was December 15, and before that, November 11… They seem to be keeping their account pretty up-to-date, wonder why? πŸ‘€

January 4

The nominations for the Costume Designers Guild Awards were announced, and OFMD unfortunately did not get a nomination. Costume designer Gypsy Taylor had put in her application for the “Period Television” category last month.

But, in happier news, we heard from Kristian in memory of the UK getting S1 on the BBC, a whole year ago! If you haven’t watched his “Wee John Wednesday” interviews celebrating each weekly episode drop, they’re all on his Instagram (here’s the first one, with Nathan and Con!).

A bold fan reached out to Samson about renewal, and got a cryptic answer in return. (Samson could’ve just not replied! Why did he reply??)

And then writer Alex Sherman liked a tweet about it. Agh!

The shoutout of the day went to Leslie Jones, and boy did Samba come through! You can check out all(!) the photos, videos, and Instagram stories he posted at our Twitter post here, or in our gallery here.

January 5

OFMD has reappeared on some “featured” lists in the US and Australia…

Purely speculation, but some fans are hoping that this Twitter activity could indicate OFMD S2 is finally coming to the BBC.

Samson posted a totally cryptic “riddle” to Instagram that some think might hint at a renewal of his show “Bloods,” or maybe is totally unrelated to anything fandom, but… honk honk. 🀑

January 6

BBC is also now featuring OFMD in their iPlayer app…

And Samba Shout Out of the Day went to Kristian!

And Rhys presented his second Emmys – the Creative Arts Emmys! (Neither are the Emmy Emmys, those are next week.)

Other Things This Week:

And that’s it for this week! Keep your fingers crossed about that renewal…

Until next time,