Ruibo Qian & Crew (2022-12-18)

 ⚠️ Season 2 cast spoilers! More under the cut. ⚠️

Ruibo Qian, new and as-of-yet unnamed cast member for S2, says farewell to the Our Flag Means Death set and Aotearoa New Zealand. She has posted pictures to her Instagram of her trailer at Kumeu Film Studeos, and several selfies and a video with fellow cast members, including several other new S2 cast members which have yet to be officially identified.

Vico Ortiz creates a cocktail for Ruibo Qian (filming) while Madeleine Sami watches.
Anyone we recognize? Upcoming cast?
A drive through the Aotearoa bush, and who is that at the helm, do I see a Jonno Roberts? Confirmed S2 cast??

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