New Year’s Eve Round-Up

Another year, come and gone… And what a year it was – it brought us this little show called Our Flag Means Death…!

Let’s see what the cast was up to this past weekend! Looks like lots of parties, and lots of well-wishes… And one possibly-naked Rhys Darby… ๐Ÿค”

There was also a lot of gratitude floating around amongst the fandom on Twitter on New Year’s Eve…

โš ๏ธ Warning: S2 cast spoilers below! โš ๏ธ

Ruibo Qian also celebrated a birthday on January 1! Happy birthday to Ruibo! (And go get those gainz, Madeline!)

Happy New Year from us to you! Hoping 2023 brings everyone just as much OFMD joy as 2022!

Christmas Round-Up

Lots of the cast and crew were seen celebrating Christmas, or were seen at a holiday party of some kind this weekend. Here’s a roundup of all their well wishes and shenanigans!

Rita Ora tries to make a tequila punch while Taika lurks in the background
Rita Ora & Taika Waititi spend Christmas with their friends.

โš ๏ธ Warning: S2 spoilers below the cut! โš ๏ธ

Here are some other Christmas posts… from (spoilers) cast and showing (spoilers) content!

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