Christmas Round-Up

Lots of the cast and crew were seen celebrating Christmas, or were seen at a holiday party of some kind this weekend. Here’s a roundup of all their well wishes and shenanigans!

Rita Ora tries to make a tequila punch while Taika lurks in the background
Rita Ora & Taika Waititi spend Christmas with their friends.

⚠️ Warning: S2 spoilers below the cut! ⚠️

Here are some other Christmas posts… from (spoilers) cast and showing (spoilers) content!

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HBO Renews “Our Flag Means Death” for Pride Month

Season two is officially confirmed!

There were a few sneaky indicators in the weeks prior…

And there was some grumbling…

But mainly, the fandom was ecstatic.

From all over the world!

And we heard a bit from the cast, too!