OFMD at ECCC 2023

Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) was incredible this weekend! We were blessed with the attendance of Rhys, Samba, and Vico – at their panel on Saturday, and also in between! And there were so many cosplayers. This fandom is amazing.

March 1

Things kicked off the day before the con officially It was so awesome to see people flying in from all over the country – and the world – to gather together and celebrate the gay pirates together!

Others were flying in on a later day, but were still doing con prep…

Vico was the only one of the 3 to post about packing or traveling, but we got a special sneak peek at their Izzy cosplay on Wednesday!

March 2

Not too many panels, and no OFMD-related panels, were scheduled for the first day, so a lot of people were mainly posting about fan meetups and touring Seattle. It was so great seeing people connect in person for the first time, putting names to pfps, as it were!

Vico arrived at the hotel that evening, and was interacting with a few fans before they retired for the evening.

March 3

A lot more OFMD fans started arriving on Friday, and we got to see some awesome cosplay!


Vico started their autograph & photo ops a day earlier than originally scheduled, so we got some awesome selfies and some awesome posed photos!

Not being scheduled for any autographs or photo ops that day, we saw Samba come rolling into the hotel later that day…

The crowning event of the evening was not ECCC-organized, but lots of ECCC folx participated in the OFMD Drag Show! There were tons of people (perhaps far too many). You can see tons more awesome pictures under the hashtag #OFMDDragShow.


March 4

The big day! The cast panel was scheduled for 11:15am PST, and that was the reason most OFMD fans were at ECCC. Fans were also hoping that, with the one-year anniversary of the show, and major cast members being present, that perhaps S2 promo would be revealed… Samson had sent out a cryptic tweet that morning, so energy was super high.

We had a bunch more awesome cosplayers:

The Panel

You can check out our live-tweets of the panel itself in the thread below (or watch the recorded video at Popverse here or on YouTube here):

Someone has also created some video clips of the panel:


Some highlights:

After the panel, a lot of fans went to an OFMD meetup, where they were pleasantly interrupted by certain interested parties…

And then folx went to do their photo ops, and those were also amazing…

There was also a small OFMD panel on fandom & found family, in amongst the chaos:

March 5

Programming was pretty light on the last day. Popverse put out an awesome recap video, and the cast sent out some really lovely messages as they headed home:

After March 5

As people were flying home and reflecting on the weekend over the course of the days after ECCC, some people posted some of their favorite memories of the con:

What an amazing weekend. We are looking forward to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (“C2E2”) starting at the end of this month! Samba, Vico, and Kristian have been confirmed to be attending! We’ll bring you all the latest from there as we have it.

Stay cool folx,