Weekly Wrap-Up

What an incredible week. Just to cut to the chase: No, we didn’t get any S2 promo this week. (Dangit!) Despite heavy hopes that we’d have something released on the show’s one-year anniversary (or at the cast’s ECCC panel the following day), HBO did not deliver. But we still had some cool stuff going on! Let’s walk through it! (By the way, a separate blog post on ECCC will be posted tomorrow, so this is “everything else”! Meanwhile, feel free to browse the hashtag #AsACrewECCC23 for the latest OFMD ECCC updates!)

February 26

TW: Spiders. Taika got some new tats this week, and some fans with eagle eyes noticed that they might match Ed’s tattoos from the “yummy lavender” scene… Taika has yet to confirm officially, but it sure looks like it!

February 27

Kristian announced the the guests for this week’s live Q&A would be none other than Badminton’s crew Officer Wellington (Michael Crane) and Officer Hornberry (Connor Barrett), plus the actor for embezzler Siegfried (Brian Gattas, who is Wellington/Michael’s partner in real life)!

February 28

Excitingly, we got another update from David Jenkins (who has been suspiciously active on his Instagram lately!) from the S2 set at Kumeu Film Studios! Nothing spoiler-y about these photos though, so we’ll leave them unhidden…

We also learned this week that HBO did attempt some kind of marketing around OFMD last year, and despite hardly anybody in the fandom knowing anything about it, apparently it was nominated for an advertising award… The consensus among fans is that we’re all frankly a little bitter that they didn’t put their whole pir-ussy into this idea, because everyone would have loved any of these items as official merch…


On a more somber note, we also learned that, after being nominated in February, Vico unfortunately did not win a Queerty in their category. But they remain awesome to us no matter what awards they win or don’t win!

March 1

ECCC wasn’t officially scheduled to kick off until the following day, but we loved seeing everyone start to arrive from all corners of the globe to gush about the gay pirates together! (Again, we will have a separate blog entry for ECCC coming out very soon, keep an eye out in this space!)

That afternoon (America time), we got to watch the UK have a small meltdown after watching episode 9 on BBC2 for the very first time, and of course another brilliant Q&A by Kristian, which you can read about via our live-tweet thread below, or watch in full on his Instagram here. Everybody prepare yourselves for next week – it’s the series finale, and Kristian has confirmed again that David Jenkins will be his Q&A guest!

At the very tail end of the day, we were made aware of a couple of public appearances by Con and Samson:

March 2

We got a special communication from David Jenkins… (From the comments on his latest, non-OFMD-related post.)

Though, we did get a special communication from HBO on their Instagram and Twitter accounts (a rarity!)… No S2 spoilers here folx, but very indicative of something brewing…


March 3

The show celebrated its one-year anniversary! (Wow, it’s been a whole year!)


March 4

Following Thursday’s cryptic set of messages from official HBO accounts, Samson hit enter on this little nugget…

Unfortunately, it did not foretell any S2 promo at ECCC… But something is absolutely coming… (Some of you may recall that the first person to hint at OFMD’s renewal was Samson!)

Samson and Con were again mentioned out in the wild…

Most of the focus of Saturday was on ECCC, however. And what a fun weekend of chaos that has been! We’ll post a special ECCC blog entry once everything wraps! A little teaser…

Alright folx, be lovely to each other, and we’ll see you next week.