Weekly Wrap-Up

In the afterglow of Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), there was little time to rest this week as we had a live Q&A with none other than show creator David Jenkins himself, as well as leak after leak of cast, crew, and even potential S2 dialogue! Let’s get into it!

March 7

Samba was quick to move on his promise at the ECCC cast panel about hosting a baking class! You can learn more here:

Our Samson was nominated for an RTS Programme Award for his UK TV show about paramedics! The award ceremony will be on 3/28 in London.

Our Flag Means Death was nominated for a Ray Bradbury Nebula Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation – which, being an award from the SciFi Writers Association, confused a lot of people, but hey, we’ll take it!

Rhys launched a new comedy show called the “Saying Funny Things Society,” which will be putting on performances regularly in Los Angeles starting 4/11.

And an eagle-eyed fan noticed that Ed has something in common with a Siete Gallo…


March 8

The day started out as a typical #WeeJohnWednesday, albeit the final one…


But the evening wasn’t over, because some fans were starting to unearth casting revealed on agency websites – and even though the actors are likely minor characters, or in some cases extras, there are some plot points revealed with their character descriptions. Open the accordion if you want to know more:

⚠️ S2 Cast & Plot Spoilers ⚠️

There was a lot of excitement around the addition of two Filipino actresses, as well as their being labeled “Red Flag” – after Ruibo Qian was confirmed to be in S2 in December, and Chinese-looking costume designs being revealed by a costume designer on Instagram, it’s more and more likely that woman pirate Zheng Yi Sao and her Red Flag Fleet will be joining us for S2.

There were also a few actors labeled “Wedding Guests,” and a “Spanish Priest,” which sent Twitter into a frenzy – however, the gentleman on the bottom right is “Groom,” so this isn’t a BlackBonnet wedding, unfortunately… (Or a LuPete wedding either, as some hoped.)

Then we had an actor described as “Swampy Town Folk” (the first actor below) with additional cast from “Republic of Pirates” – as no one else is labeled as “Swampy Town,” perhaps someone from (a) “Swampy Town” is visiting the Republic of Pirates? We had confirmed a return to the Republic in some way already, with Leslie Jones leaking a possible fight between Spanish Jackie and Blackbeard.

The last of the “major minor” characters are credited as “British Soldiers”:

The remainder of the cast (stand ins, “and “TBA” characters, etc.) can be viewed at our thread below:


New crew members were also identified, and yours truly went through all their Twitter and Instagram accounts to find if there was anything of interest. And – sort of:

March 11

We were pleased to see that HBO (or rather, their LGBTQ+ arm, “Human by Orientation”) had an Our Flag Means Death area at the annual media conference South by Southwest (“SXSW”). The “👀🥚” on the story post leads many to believe there is some kind of “Easter Egg” in this photo – the “missing” poster for Jim stood out to many.

Then more spoilers dropped! This video apparently came out some months ago, but was quickly deleted. It’s unclear how/why the video was found again, but those who had previously seen it confirmed it was the same one.

⚠️ Potential S2 Plot Spoilers ⚠️

The audition tape for Madeleine Sami’s character “Archie” was posted:


Lastly, and out of chronological order, but this was so sweet, it must be mentioned: Rhys retweeted an article written about himself entitled “Rhys Darby is Finally Getting the Recognition He Deserves.” Absolutely he is. :’)

And that was the first full week of March – first ECCC, then spoiler after spoiler! Things are heating up! See you all next week.