Weekly Wrap-Up

We are one month in the gravy basket as of this week, folks. But spirits remain high, we keep on trucking! Let’s get into all that happened this week!

February 4

A day after he announced he was on Cameo, fans rallied together to get a message for the crew! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

The theme of this week was “shopping.” And the memes were immaculate.

Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

What a week, crew. What a week. Buckle up, this post will be a long (and amazing) ride.

January 14

The #RenewAsACrew campaign announced a new partnership with #HoistTheAds, following Max’s decision not to go forward with a third season for OFMD. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Well crew, if you haven’t heard yet, we got sad news this week: David Jenkins announced that Max had not picked up Our Flag Means Death for a third season. We made a special blog post about that here. The theme of this week was fan activism – the #RenewAsACrew campaign and the fandom at large has been making great strides in making our voices heard. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to a new year, crew! The theme of the week was “clowning”…

January 1

Show creator David Jenkins had a “good feeling” about 2024 – after Jenks’ “fresh trouble” post a couple weeks ago, the fandom honked their clown noses again for a season 3 renewal. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, crew! We are in the gravy basket between the holidays and the new year, and so things have been slow, but Samba has still come through with a few behind-the-scenes (BTS) posts!

December 24

First out of the gate this week was Nat Faxon, and a little bit of Spanish Jackie’s bedroom! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, crew! The theme of this week was Calypso’s Birthday, and year-end “best of” articles! Let’s get into it. As always, all the photos below can also be viewed in our gallery here.

December 18

What a great honor – Roger Ebert’s website gave a shout-out to OFMD! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, crew! We’re still getting a steady stream of BTS (behind-the-scenes) content, albeit slightly slower this week. But we had some great interviews as well, and some hints at possible award nominations! Let’s get into it.

December 3

Set decorator Lindsey Cantrell was the fan favorite this week, giving us this amazing thread (also here in our gallery). Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy December, crew! We are winding down the end of the year with a very interview-heavy week. We will quote a couple important ones, but a full list is also available at the end of this page. And as always, all BTS and such mentioned is also available in our gallery! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi there, crew! We hope our American followers have had a restful long weekend, and our other followers a nice, normal week. We had some more good BTS this week, plus tons of TikToks! Let’s get into it.

Reminder that you can find all the below images in our gallery here! Continue reading