Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to February, everyone! Let’s check in on what the OFMD cast and crew have been up to this week…

#1: Con O’Neill was certainly the center of attention in Britain, with one of his shows, Happy Valley, airing a much-anticipated series finale on 2/5.

#2: Though yours truly just discovered this tweet this week, technically back on 1/20 Disney released their upcoming film release schedule, including one of Taika Waititi’s upcoming underdog rugby film, Next Goal Wins, now scheduled for 9/22/23.

#3: Luke Higginson, writer/director of “Relax, I’m From the Future,” dropped a cryptic update to his Instagram stories…

#4: It had been confirmed that Con O’Neill had originally been brought on to play Bill in HBO’s The Last of Us (and he was seen at the launch party, still supporting everyone), but had had to drop the role due to scheduling conflicts. It’s now been confirmed that the scheduling conflict was Our Flag Means Death. Which means Con chose OFMD over TLOU! That makes us feel some kind of way. Still, we’re grateful for Nick Offerman filling in – the wood chopping scene just wouldn’t have been the same.

Bill from "The Last Of Us" chopping wood.

#5: The Fckry with Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus was nominated for an Amby Award from The Podcast Academy! Winners will be announced at a ceremony in Las Vegas on 3/7.

#6: Crew shenanigans on Twitter… Going theory is that D-Jenks was editing something that tugged on some heartstrings… We can’t wait to see what he was seeing.

David Jenkins tweets “❤️Gentlebeard❤️” and Samba replies “👀🗡️🏴‍☠️” and David replies back “💀💔💀” and then tweets again "¿❤️‍🩹?"

#7: Kristian held a live-tweet of episode 5 (airing on BBC2 Wednesdays at 10pm GMT!), and hosted a live Q&A on his Instagram afterward with Leslie Jones and Nathan Foad! There was a lot of fangirling, from everyone. Our live-tweet of everything can be found here, and the Q&A can be viewed at Kristian’s Instagram here.

Biggest pieces of information from that Q&A, I think was:

#8: David Fane confirmed he does the voice of Roquefort, villain in new action video game Hi-Fi Crush, which just came out 1/25.

#9: Twitter announced that as of 2/9, its API will no longer be free-access, and so all the hourly and automated bots will be shutting down. (Or at least, those who can’t afford

So we’ll take a moment to thank those bots that sprung up in recent months to give the fandom some giggles (and let us know if we’re missing any!):

#10: Nathan Foad has confirmed he was a writer on the upcoming romantic comedy show Smothered.

Screenshot from Nathan's stories. Poster of "Smothered," a young presumtive ciset couple seem to be dancing together. Nathan's text says: "I was lucky enough to be in the writers' room for this show and let me tell you honey ur gonna be obsessed. @monicaheisey is spinning so much gold atm & it's like ok pop off Rumpelstiltskin!" And in very small text just below, "I have a stomach bug."

#11: Popverse have confirmed that the ECCC panel on 3/4 with Rhys, Samba, and Vico will be live-streamed to those with digital tickets to the convention.

#12: Vico attended the Stella McCartney X Adidas Party at the Henderson Recording Studio in LA on 2/2.

#13: Taika Waititi accompanied wife Rita Ora to her pre-Grammy’s party on 2/3 (celebrating the release of her new single, as well as the anniversary of her decade-long music career).

#14: OFMD continues to make the listicles of “best queer TV” or “best 2023 TV”!

And that’s it, crew! We hope you are having good days lately, and if not, we wish you good days to come. See you again next week.