Weekly Wrap-Up

Let’s get into it – what happened in the Our Flag Means Death fandom this week?

#1: Samson, Samba, and Vico, who are all known to be in the Los Angeles area right now, got together for bowling on 2/5 – with surprise guest OFMD writer Alex Sherman!

#2: Rhys posts a rather cryptic Instagram story (featuring the adorable Gizmo and Bumbles) on 2/5 – and we actually haven’t heard a whole lot from him since then. Wonder what he is up to… 🤔

Rhys’ two cats are sitting outside a closed door. They have speech bubbles above their heads. “Rhys will be back soon.” “mkay.”

#3: A new trailer for Mel Brooke’s History of the World: Part 2 dropped on 2/6, and we had another peek at Taika’s Freud character.

#4: Samba posted this incredibly suspicious update on 2/6 from some kind of studio… He’s wearing the OFMD S2 hoodie, and is using the pirate flag emoji, so we can only imagine this has something to do with OFMD S2…

The camera is down very low, by Samba's hip, so you can only see him staring ahead at... something? He is wearing an OFMD S2 hoodie and a mic & headset. Text reads: "What the heck's happening on that screen? 👀🏴‍☠️"

#5: Samba announced the raffle of his OFMD “battle jacket” at ECCC to those attending the OFMD panel on 3/4. If you’ve been on the fence about getting tickets, here’s your extra prompt!

#6: Kristian confirmed he will be attending a convention in the UK – more details as we have them!

#7: A site-wide Twitter bug on 2/8 prevented the weekly live-tweet from Kristian for episode 6 this week, but luckily Instagram was still functioning. You can view the Q&A with Damien Gerard (Father Teach) on Insta here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Coa1Jz6pz0G/

Kristian did reveal that he will be traveling in Scotland next week, which might prevent him from doing a Q&A for episode 7. We’ll keep you all posted.

#8: In a now-deleted post from Instagram on 2/9, Con seemed to confirm attending Florida Supercon. Not sure if maybe he released the announcement too soon, or if plans have changed… More details as we have them.

#9: Moontower Comedy announced their headliners on 2/9 for the upcoming “Just for Laughs” comedy festival in Austin, Texas. Among them – Leslie Jones! Just another live show for Leslie, who announced a national tour earlier this year.

#10: Matthew Maher has scored a film role alongside Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, playing shoe designer Peter Moore in the upcoming drama “Air” – check out the trailer below.

#11: David Fane has a new role in a stage comedy musical The Heartbreak Choir, in which he plays “a quiet Australian cop with a sad secret” (more info at this actually quite nice interview with Dave about his career). You can see a preview of him performing with the rest of the choir – though sadly, we can’t really hear him singing.

And that’s all the headlines for this week! Not too much really going on at the moment, but some very interesting indicators that big OFMD news is coming…

We can only hope. Have a great week, everyone.