Weekly Wrap-Up

Did you keep up with the news this week? No worries – we have you covered! Here’s what happened this week with the Our Flag Means Death cast and crew!

#1: Our Flag Means Death won a Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists (“MUAHS”) Guild award for Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling! Rhys had a perfect dad joke for the occasion…

#2: There was a new cast member confirmed this week…

⚠️ Spoiler for S2 cast! ⚠️

It took us until 2/12, but we noticed this tweet by Bronson Pinchot, outing himself as a cast member of S2! Wonder what character he is playing…

#3: Bob’s Burgers announced that Rhys will be playing a new character on Bob’s Burgers, for episode S13E12, “Oh Row You Didn’t,” which will air on 2/19.

#4: After releasing the day before, the trailer for Air with Matthew Maher was aired (no pun intended) as one of the Superbowl Sunday commercials, and went viral!

#5: Somebody posted on Instagram about doing post-production work!

⚠️ Spoiler for S2 cast! ⚠️

Ruibo posted about doing ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) which is typically done during post-production, when dialogue was not captured very well, or for trailer voiceovers. So, combine that with Samba’s post from 2/6 seemingly doing the same thing – things are still brewing, hopefully wrapping up soon!

#6: BBC has decided to advertise on Snapchat – an interesting strategy, and we applaud it! We love the take of the Revenge being on Tinder, we need an AU written stat…


#7: Joel Fry was announced as being a voice actor for the upcoming animated film Stitch Head. He will definitely be one of the lead characters, though details are still forthcoming.

#8: Con was finally confirmed for Florida Supercon – along with Nathan and Kristian!

#9: There was a popular fandom theory that, because they announced the renewal for S2 on the first day of Pride Month (and because of a Javid Denkins clue – yes that user continues to puzzle), that maybe there would be some kind of promo for Valentine’s Day. Sadly, nothing was released, but we did get this banger photo of David Jenkins on set. Hiding under a spoiler accordion in the (likely) event it’s from the S2 set.

⚠️ Warning for Potential S2 Set
David Jenkins stands in a dark and smoky room, a hand on what looks to be a horse's hitch, a shelf in the background with bottles and pots and candles. David himself is wearing a white suit and black "Purple Rain" t-shirt.

The fans have tried to analyze some of the items – it seems to be a corner of the Spanish Jackie’z set.

#10: There was no live Q&A with Kristian this week, but he was kind enough to still to a live-tweet of episode 7, and we watched along with him! You can follow the thread here:

#11: The new trailer for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge for PS VR2 was released, and it was announced the IG-88 was going to be voiced by Rhys – which is awesome, because Taika voiced IG-11 (often mistaken for IG-88) in The Mandalorian! Now they get to be in the Star Wars universe together. And of course, Rhys’ll get to make use of all of those robot noises he’s always been a fan of…

#12: Parrot Analytics is still finding that Our Flag is in high demand! Hopefully this helps make a case for a third season…


#13: Ra Vincent won the Art Director’s Guild award for Excellence in Production Design for a Half-Hour Series! And Samba and Vico got to present!

What a great end to the week! Let’s carry this energy with us into the next one. See you then!