Weekly Wrap-Up

What an interesting week this has been – there weren’t many headlines, but the ones we did have packed a punch! There was a wild S2 rumor, C2E2 confirmed their schedule, and we saw the return of #WeeJohnWednesday! Let’s get into it!

February 20

An audio clip was being passed around in Twitter DMs, purporting to be a leaked table read of some of Ed’s lines. We managed to get our hands on it, and while the consensus is that the voice sounds too American to be Taika, some fans are asserting that there’s always the possibility that someone was substituting for Taika at a table read and these are genuine S2 lines. You decide:

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

The potential preview got everyone excited again about when S2 and the trailer will be released. There was some great discussion:

On the same day, Art Director Bradley Rubin congratulated Production Designer Ra Vincent for his win at the Art Directors Guild Awards the previous Saturday, and included some nice behind-the-scenes photos from S1 sets:

February 21

We were pleased to see Claudia O’Doherty out and about. She posted on Instagram about attending SCAD TVfest in Atlanta earlier this month. Craig Robinson from her recent show Killing It was an honoree at the festival.

February 22

Episode 8, “We Gull Way Back” (the famous “Chain” episode!) aired on BBC2, and after a brief hiatus on #WeeJohnWednesday last week, Kristian was back this week to moderate a Q&A with David Fane and Con O’Neill! You can watch the full Q&A on Kristian’s Instagram here, and you can read our live-tweet of both the episode and the Q&A here:

There was some serious speculation around one of the answers that Con provided, which we’ll hide under a spoiler accordion…

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

It may have just been that Kristian remembered in that moment to remind them to only discuss S1, but if not, it sure sounds like Izzy might have some kind of redemption/healing arc in S2…

Additionally, some fans have said that we technically don’t know in S1 how long Izzy has been aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Con has now confirmed that, for at least the backstory of Izzy he has built for his portrayal, that Izzy and Ed have, in fact, known each other for what is probably decades.

February 24

The schedule for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) was dropped, and there will be three Our Flag-related events. Excitingly, the main panel with the cast will be on a Saturday!

Vico also got a nod in Pride‘s list of “14 Drag Kings You Should Definitely Know About”! We love our king Vico!

And that’s it for this week! Next weekend is ECCC 2023, and we will be doing special coverage of the event, including a live-tweet of the cast panel that Saturday – keep an eye on our Twitter!

Stay excellent, crewmates!