Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy last week of April, crew! Let’s catch you up on some of the stuff that happened in the Our Flag Means Death fandom this week.

April 26

We had another crumb thrown to us by Vico! Check it out under the accordion.

⚠️ Mild S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Everybody say, “Thank you, Vico!”

We also got the trailer for Taika’s new film “Next Goal Wins” – featuring quite a few of the OFMD cast!

April 27

OFMD Twitter was in a tizzy about The Wall…

So much so, that Alex Sherman decided to weigh in…

April 28

We got some very nice photos from Samba of the comedy performance he did with Rhys the prior evening in Los Angeles!

MCM Comic Con in London announced their schedule – including the upcoming cast panel featuring Kristian, Con, and Nathan, which will take place Saturday, May 27 at 12pm GMT (7am EST, 1am NZST).

The fandom ratio’d (HBO) Max for receiving a Webby Award for… nothing.


One of the actors from episode 5 discovered OFMD Twitter!

The Rizzy Discord server sent Samba a fan-made version of Roach’s diploma, based off a Cameo video that Samba did for them about Roach’s backstory (diploma story starts about 3:15 into the video).

And Vico was announced to be cast in a new short film!

April 29

Kristian did a personal interview with the BBC which was very moving, but might be triggering to some.

⚠️ TW: Gun violence, homophobia. ⚠️

Thanks to Kristian for these important memories.

Some other things that happened this week:

  • April 25: For those in California, we discovered an OFMD-themed drag show airing in June!
  • April 26: Taika did an interview, which was mainly about his other projects, but did mention OFMD in passing – plus there was a very nice photo shoot by Vinesh Kumaran (here and here).
  • April 26: Collider listed OFMD as one of the best comedy shows on HBO Max.
  • April 27: (HBO) Max released a video celebrating AAPI Heritage Month, and featured Ed for a microsecond at the end!
  • April 29: Indiwire featured OFMD as one of the best LGBTQ series on HBO Max.

That’s it! Here’s to a lovely May. (Creators, don’t forget about OFMD Mermay!)