Weekly Wrap-Up & New Site!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been doing a little construction lately, so you may have noticed that we’ve been a bit quiet… We are excited to announce today the launch of our new website layout, as well as the addition of a gallery feature! Everybody thank our web designer Kaci Elizabeth! You’ll notice the gallery is a work-in-progress at the moment; we just finished uploading behind-the-scenes photos for S2 (let us know if we missing anything!). We’ll get started very soon on S1 behind-the-scenes, and then conventions, promo, and much more.

⚠️ Please note that our gallery contains spoilers for Season 2! ⚠️

In the meantime, it’s been a minute – let’s get into the big updates in the Our Flag Means Death fandom from the last – eep, 3 weeks!

April 5

Seemingly all of the official HBO accounts came out of the woodworks to comment on this one Human By Orientation post featuring a clip about Stede’s auxiliary wardrobe. There was a strong emphasis on “summer,” and fans think this may have been a hint about a S2 release date…

Samba also took the opportunity to rile up the fandom…

April 11

We previously announced that Samba would be hosting an online baking class. The date for that has been revealed to be May 13, and sign-ups have been extended! Plus, fandom shop Stands will be offering an OFMD apron and pin set – not just for those attending!

April 12

HBO Max (now just “Max”) announced their rebranding, as well as upcoming shows at the Warner Bros. Discovery press event. However, despite OFMD being one of HBO’s top performing shows, they made no mention of it. Fans were understandably upset.

April 13

The very next day, however, fans were vindicated with a frickin’ Peabody Award nomination! Woohoo! Winners will be announced May 9, with a ceremony in Los Angeles June 11.

Samba took advantage of the moment to post a couple of mostly non-spoiler-y S2 pics. Under the accordion we go!

⚠️ Mild S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Excuse us while we try to sort out some technical stuff with this new website, but here is the Instagram post (it’s after the Peabody Award announcement): https://www.instagram.com/p/Cq_lIEMPZyN

April 14

David Fane was recognized at New Zealand’s biannual investiture ceremony. The event may have been a follow-up ceremony to his recent ONZM status.

April 15

Vico heard our pleas, and gave us some S2 crumbs!

⚠️ Mild S2 Spoilers ⚠️

From TikTok this time!


I heard yall were… 👄 t h i r s t y 👄 ofmdseason2

♬ Knife Work – Mark Mothersbaugh

April 17

The Writers Guild of America voted to go on strike in support of increased pay. While this doesn’t directly impact S2 (which has obviously already been written and filmed), this strike, along with the HBO/Discovery merger announced last year, as well as the aforementioned “Max” rebranding project, is likely contributing to a bit of a lag in terms of announcements for S2. It may be that “Max” is waiting for all the dust to settle before it announces shows that will be debuting on its rebranded platform. Let’s all bear that in mind as we navigate the next couple months.

In lighter news, stuntman and personal trainer Joshua Murillo posted a throwback photo of him and Taika on the set of episode 8 (disregard the S2 spoiler tag on this tweet).

That’s the main stuff from the last few weeks! Here are some other things that happened:

  • April 3: Dunkin Donuts released an ad with the stars of “Air” – including Matthew Maher!
  • April 5: Aaron Epstein posted some more on-set photos from episode 9 (not 10, whoops)
  • April 7: Samba announced he would be offering videos on Cameo
  • April 7: Rhys changed his Twitter bio and OFMD Twitter went wild
  • April 9: We got a very special (though non-OFMD-related) Easter video from Nathan Foad
  • April 11: Nat Faxon was announced for Netflix’s animated comedy “Mulligan”
  • April 17: Leslie Jones was announced to be returning for a Ghostbusters sequel
  • April 20: Samba announced that he would be performing in LA with Rhys on 4/27
  • April 20: Human By Orientation got ratio’d on Twitter
  • April 20: Twitter removed celebrity checkmarks, including for all the OFMD cast

That’s all, folx! We’ll resume our weekly update schedule, and will check in on all the latest stuff again next week! Until then, be excellent to each other.