Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello everyone, we hope you’ve been enjoying your May thus far. Let’s see what’s been going on in the Our Flag Means Death fandom this week. We actually have quite a few interesting headlines this week, although, as @isthetrailerout puts it: “Needless to say, no trailer.”

May 1

We saw stirrings of life as HBO Max added OFMD to a collection featuring AAPI actors (in honor of America’s observation of AAPI Heritage Month) as well as to an LGBTQ+ collection. To see HBO feature the series again brings a little tear to our eyes. Perhaps they are preparing for their rebranding of the platform to just “Max” on the 23rd of this month, and we might finally get some crumbs…?

May 2

For those hoping to meet Kristian at Wales Comic Con next week, Kristian unfortunately tweeted that “due to a change in circumstances,” he will no longer be able to attend. He will still be coming to MCM Comic Con in London later this month, though.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) also declared a strike to demand, in part, better wages for shows that get picked up on streaming services, such as HBO Max. OFMD’s second season will not be impacted; they finished filming back in December, and if they are still doing any post-production at all, it would be for visual effects or voiceover/ADR, which does not involve the writers. However, the last big WGA strike back in 2007 went on for 100 days, and if OFMD is to get a third season (cross your fingers, light your candles), a strike could potentially impact that.

We wish the writers all the best and hope they get the residuals and respect they deserve from the studios they work for.

May 3

We were proud to see Vico featured in Cosmopolitan magazine’s first Pride issue! Check out that power pose…

Media data company Diesel Labs also released a report that, despite heavy-hitting franchises like Game of Thrones and Star Wars putting out shows last year, OFMD was still one of the top ten new series streaming in 2022! We love seeing a comedy – and fresh content! – breaking into the top 10. This also just shows the power of our fandom; with not much help from HBO, we still had viewership to rival that of any of the highly-funded TV shows out there.

May 4

A theater at the University of California in Santa Barbara will be screening a couple episodes of OFMD on the big screen, and then interviewing Eliza Jiménez Cossio (writer for ep4) afterward! If you’re in the area, check it out!


May 5

OFMD writer Alex Sherman posted to Instagram celebrating 5 years with his wife, fellow OFMD writer Alyssa Lane. We wish them many more years of happiness! But one of the photos in particular looked a bit pirate-y – and it’s unclear if this is from S2 or not, but hiding under a spoiler accordion regardless…

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

You can see the original full Instagram post in the link above, but this photo in particular caught our eye. Perhaps the wooden railing and mast of a ship? Doesn’t look like the Revenge, so whose is it?

In preparation for his class on May 13, Samba shared the recipe for the chocolate tart he will be baking.

We shared earlier that OFMD kept its spot in the top 10 of all new streaming shows on all platforms in 2022. HBO Max offered up that, for their streaming service alone, OFMD was #5 in 2022.

May 7

An article was discovered that mentioned continued racism in fandoms – including, unfortunately, Our Flag Means Death. We have certainly heard frustration from BIPOC fans that the OFMD fandom has been problematic, despite the show itself being effortlessly inclusive of all genders and races. We remind our readers to be sensitive to BIPOC voices, and to take feedback about racism in good faith. We also want to call out a post (now deleted) that was making the rounds this week, that included a fan’s headcanon that Izzy taught Ed how to fold laundry and how to read/write (which is not a new trope, unfortunately). We don’t want to call attention to any particular person by mentioning this, only to increase awareness around what is probably unintentional racism. It may seem romantic to have Izzy teaching Ed the ropes, but Ed is a highly intelligent person, “the most brilliant sailor” Izzy had ever met, and he likely did not need a white person to teach him how to do basic tasks. We mention this only to perhaps provide a new perspective to those folx who have been reading and writing Edizzy fics (and any other fics involving people of color). We are always happy to discuss, or facilitate discussions, around this topic – feel free to DM us on Twitter.

Speaking of racism, and on a much lighter note – Daddy Jenkins had some choice words regarding King Charles’ coronation the previous day. (We stan.)

Other Stuff This Week:

Thanks so much for reading! See you all next week!