Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi crew! Wow, okay. So this week was a lot. This will be a long post, so here’s a tl;dr:

  • Alex Sherman may or may not have given a clue to the S2 release timeframe.
  • We actually got crumbs from “Max” on the day of the rebrand – and some S2 hints from cast.
  • There will be a (virtual, pre-recorded) panel with Rhys, Taika, Nathan, Vico, and Con that will be released June 2, and we are clowning.
  • MCM Comic Con – and the panel with Con, Kristian, and Nathan – happened this weekend!
  • #OurFramesMeanLove was completed, it looks amazing, and it was perceived by David Jenkins and many more.

May 22

We got a surprise cameo from OFMD writer Alex Sherman (8:23 in the below video) in an interview for a YouTube series on wrestling (one of Alex’s personal interests)! Twitter was split on whether to take Alex’s “few months” throwaway mention literally or not…

In the chaos, Mother reminded us to have patience… And quelled us with a non-spoiler-y BTS from S2. (Check out that digital screen again! So excited to see how that gets used in S2.)

May 23

We also got some non-spoiler-y S2 BTS from Vico as well!

The main event of the day, however, was the “Max” rebrand. We had been hoping for a crumb from the network, and they actually delivered (albeit with some glitches)! They ran a “to be continued” campaign, which was perfect for a show awaiting its second season.

We also heard from a certain someone in relation to OFMD for the very first time…

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Hello, Prince Ricky! 👋 (And David Fane, who reposted his story.)

(ICYMI, we learned back in December that Erroll Shand was going to be in S2 playing Prince Ricky, thanks to his management company.)

We also got potential info on his episodes:

And yet more spoilers regarding a popular character…

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

First came this promo from Samba, which unintentionally let slip a little detail about a certain overboard character…

Then we heard from our industry insider. They marked their tweet “sensitive” to blur out spoilers, so it can’t be embedded, but here is the link to it, and here are the images that were shared:

Key words: “Series Regular.” This was sourced from an industry database, per our insider:

Of course, we already had a huge hint from director Fernando Frias that Lucius was alive from his on-set picture (now deleted) back in December. But it’s nice to know that Lucius – probably – isn’t a ghost, or only in flashback scenes!

May 24

We got a fun little filming insight from Samba…

Vico also posted the TealOranges video that Human By Orientation did on Tuesday, but added a little extra text on it that we’ll hide under an accordion for those abstaining from any and all spoilers…

⚠️ Mild S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Very mild… And minty. (ICYMI, Vico posted about mints – twice – on set. A TealOranges reunion is probably definitely confirmed at this point.)

Finally, we got to see our favorite cast members joining the WGA strike on behalf of SAG-AFTRA.

May 25

Kristian is now confirmed to have done ADR for S2!

And Samba treated us to a little “pirate’s life.”

The biggest bombshell of the week, however, was the announcement of a virtual cast panel as part of Outfest’s “Outfronts” LGBTQ+ TV festival. The cast panel includes our dynamic duo, Rhys and Taika. (And a bunch of other cast members! But everyone’s excited about the rare appearance from Taika!) It is pre-recorded, the video will go live June 2 at 8am PDT (that’s 11am EDT, 4pm GMT, and 5am NZST)! You can sign up (free!) here, and we will also do a live-tweet as we watch.

Perhaps a big announcement on June 2 instead of June 1, this year…?

May 26

MCM Comic Con officially kicked off! There was a nice crew attending on Friday…

Despite all the big promotion around there being a pirate ship, the reality was a bit underwhelming…

However – merch!

And the cosplay continued to be impeccable…

Meanwhile, the final results of a huge project (kudos to Twitter users @emcolbs and @sadbananarama for coordinating!) called #OurFramesMeanLove was finally released. It’s a giant collaboration of a bunch of OFMD fanartists – each taking a frame or two of the famous kiss scene and remaking it in their own unique style. It is such a labor of love, and such a beautiful message to the creators of this show.

Rightfully so, this project was perceived (and shared!) by David Jenkins, Alex, Rhys, and Samba.

May 27

We had the cast panel with Con, Kristian, and Nathan at MCM Comic Con in London! You can watch it here (free through June), watch clips of it on Twitter here, or follow our live-tweet below:

Some highlights from the panel:

And from the rest of the day at MCM:

At the end of the day, we got a treat from Taika. He posted some stories to his Instagram, mainly ads, but in one he had on a very special shirt…

May 28

Some highlights from the third and last day of MCM:

Other Stuff This Week:

  • May 22: More thanks from striking writers for crew support!
  • May 22: Someone did a nice piece on OFMD and diversity.
  • May 23: Some Twitter users want to do something special for striking workers on June 1 in honor of Pride Month, more info here.
  • May 23: Those who haven’t upgraded to Max’s “Ultimate Ad-Free” tier will still have access to new 4K versions of OFMD for the next six months. (Oh – have we mentioned, OFMD in 4K now??)
  • May 23: A Twitter user wants to host an OFMD watch party the week of June 5, more info here!
  • May 24: A couple of Con’s shows are up for a National Television Award (NTA)! You can vote here (by June 2).
  • May 24: Canada crew, catch Leslie Jones in Montreal in July!
  • May 25: Florida Supercon is hosting a giveaway on Twitter of two Sunday tickets (until May 31)! For those who perhaps don’t feel safe traveling to Florida right now, a kind user is giving away Supercon autographs.
  • May 25: Germans and RTL+ subscribers, there will be a watch party the week of June 5 for the debut of OFMD on RTL+!
  • May 26: There was a two-page spread about OFMD in a German magazine (translation is provided).
  • May 26: Lighthouses are being given away in the US and the fandom is lol’ing.
  • May 26: OFMD cast met up with WWDITS cast in London – twice. The internet imploded.

What a packed week. All eyes are on June 1 (and 2)! We’ll be keeping you updated on our Twitter, so follow along. Until next week!