Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi crew! Let’s jump right into all the Our Flag Means Death fandom news. It was a busy week!

May 29

Max put out a “coming soon” reel, and OFMD got a little shout-out (at 2:16).


We also got an update from Nathan post-MCM Comic Con about a certain gift a fan gave him…

Nathan leans over a table with a few hinges on it. He's holding a little note that reads: "For the unhinged girlies. Here's all the fandom's remaining hinges. Use them wisely!" Nathan has added text: "I'm the luckiest lil bitch in the world."
A closeup of the note.

May 30

The second year of the fan-run “Our Con Means Death” convention was officially announced!

Vico also shared some photos with a new S2 cast member. For those strictly abstaining from all spoilers, we will hide under this accordion.

⚠️ Mild S2 Spoilers ⚠️

In honor of all the news surrounding Madeleine Sami’s new show Deadloch, Vico posted some photos of them hanging out.

Speaking of Vico – Australia crew! It’s your time to shine! They will be coming to Melbourne in July!

May 31

The Florida Supercon cast panel with Con, Kristian, and Nathan was confirmed for Sunday July 2 at 11:00am EDT (4pm GMT, 5am NZST). The panel will not be live-streamed, but will be available to watch after the event for Popverse members – we’ll post some highlights to our Twitter! And as a reminder, for those who don’t feel safe traveling to Florida right now, a kind attendee is hosting an autograph giveaway.

A fan also met Joel Fry. He might be scared of us. πŸ˜…

June 1 (Happy Pride Month! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ)

Okay! So let’s start with: OFMD went live on RTL+ for those in Germany!

Con wished all a happy Pride:

And David Jenkins! (We think??)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a David Jenkins tweet without some spoiler-y things going on.

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Samba commented on David’s initial Pride Month emoji post with his own emoji…

And then David seemed to dispel rumors that the Revenge was going to be destroyed in S2. This seems to go against many comments made by the cast that either involved fire or explosions. So this is interesting…

Max did throw us a couple crumbs, including a shoutout (0:23) in their pride reel:

A beautiful, music-less version of the “his name is Ed” scene:

And a quick feature on their “Nordic” account (which may not have been the best content choice for the launch of Pride Month, but we’re going to enjoy the crumb regardless):

But, sadly, no trailer.

There was a Pride Month strike at Warner Bros. Discovery, with catering provided by OFMD fans, and attended by some of the cast!

Unexpectedly, we had some possible S2 spoilers from the picket line…

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

We got to see more of the S2 OFMD hoodie given to cast members! And it looks to be maybe a new cat flag? Is this what Frenchie made for The Kraken?

In more somber news, Max posted their June “what’s new” lineup. WBD (Max’s parent company) did a press release last week, but it was nice to see Max posting publicly about it. So, officially, no OFMD in June.

June 2

Fresh off of the chaos of June 1st, we tuned into Outfest’s virtual OFMD cast panel, and got to hear a lot of the cast talk about their feelings on S1 and their characters. No S2 info… But you can read some of the highlights we posted below (we did not do a live-tweet thread as this was available for free to watch – and still is!). There are also video clips available here.

We also got to see the #OurFramesMeanLove fanart project featured on news outlets – with an interview with the project coordinators Em & Cait here, and also on The Mary Sue here!

June 3

Aside from it being June the Third…

Lucius reading from the ship's log. "June the third. An excellent day!"

…not a lot happened in the fandom after such a busy week, but for those following this project, the Reverse Bang collection officially opened:

Other Stuff This Week:

  • May 29: The depression robe was spotted in an episode of Barry. It may actually be the same robe, re-used for another show. We hope the industry is treating our favorite fabric well.
  • May 29: We discovered a nice article giving kudos to the OFMD fandom for their support of the WGA strikers.
  • May 29: A Twitter user is making initial steps towards organizing Kinktober 2023. If you’re interested in participating, click here!
  • May 30: A Twitter user announced “Izzy’s Best Life Day” which will be June 13!
  • May 30: The Hollywood Reporter posted a video of Taika answering career questions, and Vogue Australia featured him and Rita in an article.
  • May 31: Taika was the cover of The Hollywood Reporter with a new interview, and was announced as one of The Hollywood Reporter’s “50 Forces of Change.” All the coverage was leading up to him being keynote speaker at The Hollywood Reporter’s #RaisingOurVoices event, at which he was the keynote speaker (you can watch his full speech here and read an article about the event here).
  • May 31: We discovered some upcoming fandom Twitter events, including the Gentlebeard Dream Date Week (June 11-17), the Seven Sins & Seven Virtues Week (August 14-20), and of course, the June round of microfic prompts.
  • May 31: The US National Park Service had OFMD fun.
  • May 31: A fan put together a great video of all the cosplay at MCM Comic Con this year.
  • June 1: Vico was featured as a “rising” trans/nonbinary star by Rotten Tomatoes.
  • June 1: The fandom Big Bang was launched – sign up here!
  • June 1: Con was revealed to be returning to the Batman universe in the Penguin TV show.
  • June 1: A Twitter user announced Rizzy Week (July 14-21).
  • June 1: Vico will be doing a show in LA on June 20 for “Don’t Tell My Mother,” “where celebrities tell true stories they’d never want their moms to know.”
  • June 2: A fan made a documentary about what the OFMD fandom means to its fans!
  • June 2: Rhys’ time-travel comedy film “Relax, I’m From the Future” will be released in the US this fall!
  • June 2: OFMD was featured by Mashable as one of the top LGBTQ+ shows to watch this Pride.
  • June 2: Someone posted the link to the New York Comic Con Discord chat for OFMD fans.
  • June 3: The OFMD Reverse Bang officially launched on Twitter!

So there we go, that was the week of the launch of Pride Month. As busy as expected – and we hope a lot more to come! We’ll see you all next week. Be excellent to each other.