Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, crew! The behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos keep streaming in – the highlight this week was a game of “rock paper scissors” with the cast, and our first deleted scene (thank you Samba)! We also got a great look at the interior of the Revenge set, and finally a close-up look at the “morning after robe.”

As always, if you’re just here for the BTS, you can find all of it in our gallery here!

December 10

We got an insight at the lighting of the brig from set decorator Lindsey Cantrell.

Con said farewell to Oz Comic Con and paid a quick visit with Madeleine Sami.

December 11

The Golden Globe nominations came out, and despite a couple of blogs thinking it might, sadly OFMD received no nominations. However, “Air” (feat. Matthew Maher) was nominated for best comedy film! We are now officially in “awards season,” which lasts until about March, so we will continue to keep an eye out for a whisper of a nod towards OFMD.

We got some more looks at the interior of the Revenge, and a couple other places.

December 12

We celebrated the one year anniversary of the end of S2 filming. (Technically December 13 in New Zealand, but the 12th in the rest of the world.)

We got some more BTS from Lindsey.

And from set decorator Megan Vertelle!

The highlight of the week was the next video in Samba’s “Behind the Flag” series featuring “rock paper scissors” with most of the cast. (Which kind of player are you – 1, 2, go, or 1, 2, 3, go?)

We got some new mer-content from Rhys!


Rhys Darby is transformed into Stede the merman for OFMD season 2. Many great makeup artists helped to make this happen. #rhysdarby #stede #merman #mermantiktok #ofmdseason2

♬ Led Zepplin Wanna Be – Making Fill

We also got a nice nod from Entertainment Weekly!

We got some nice backstory behind the cart scene with Rhys and Nathan.

December 13

Samba did a nice feature on Erroll as Prince Ricky.

And we got the epilogue from his “rock paper scissors” video!

Vico rounded out the evening with a new TikTok.


Unhinged audio for an unhinged guy 💀🏴‍☠️✨

♬ original sound – awildleighappears

December 14

We continued our S2 celebration remembering their wrap party and Rhys’ famous beatboxing.

Rhys showed off his British outfit…

And Samba did a feature on Anapela Polataivao, who played Auntie.

December 15

We celebrated another milestone in the fandom…

And Vico dropped another bunch of BTS.

Nathan gave us all a Frenchie Fry-day gift! We were gifted with a lot of Joel content this week actually, despite him being an actual cryptid.

Variety was very kind and included OFMD in an article for the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards. Nominations will be announced January 10, we’ll cross all our fingers!

The fandom – and we recognize particularly @WGA_fandomLove on Twitter, who has been active since the writer’s strike kicked off in May – got a nice shoutout from Polygon for being a supportive fandom.

The big highlight of the day came with Samba’s feature of Bronson Pinchot, which includes a deleted scene at the very end of the album!

December 16

Nathan gave us a peek at Taika during a live Q&A on Instagram.

Thanks to him tagging that third person, we were able to track down a post from October! Sadly, this person’s Instagram is now private, but we hope they won’t mind us sharing some of the OFMD-specific stuff they posted.

We got another round of BTS from Lindsey, in honor of one year since filming.

And another feature from Samba, this time of Ruibo!

Plus a sneaky BTS photo in his replies on Twitter…

Thai fans got great news this week – OFMD is finally(!) airing on HBO Go Asia! They have been fighting hard for their HBO to have all the same programming as other international HBOs.

Other Things This Week:

That was it this week! Stay warm, crew. We’ll see you next time.

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