Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, crew! The theme of this week was Calypso’s Birthday, and year-end “best of” articles! Let’s get into it. As always, all the photos below can also be viewed in our gallery here.

December 18

What a great honor – Roger Ebert’s website gave a shout-out to OFMD! (Some older crew may remember Roger as the “two thumbs up” film critic from the 80s & 90s. He was a Big Deal, and his legacy at RogerEbert.com continues to be as well.)

Our fan favorite set decorator Lindsey Cantrell gave us a peek at some of the set and props for Calypso’s Birthday. You can view what she shared in the below thread or in our gallery here.

Coincidentally, Samba also shared Calypso’s Birthday BTS – with another episode in his “Behind the Flag” series! (The “last one for now,” he says. We might see him return with more of these after the busy holiday season.)

#RenewAsACrew did a fabulous sea shanty video – which got the attention of the cast! Samba shared it, as well as Con, Vico, and writer Zadry Ferrer-Geddes!

December 19

We were flooded with tons of Samba BTS of the Calypso’s Birthday episode!

December 20

Vico posted some more (Christmas-themed) thirst traps.

And another “chaos dump,” as they’re calling these posts!

Samba gave thanks to Ewen Bremner. His time on set was far too short, we hope to see more of Ewen again someday…

December 21

Costume designer Gypsy Taylor is officially entering for a Costume Designers Guild Award. Nominations will be announced January 4.

A lovely Twitter user sent Samba a thank you gift for all his work in giving us behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

December 22

Set decorator Megan Vertelle gave everyone a gift with these prop newspapers from the Mary Read & Anne Bonny household!

Samba posted about Madeleine Sami.

Max did a drag event in Miami, and Spanish Jackie was an inspiration for one of the outfits!

At the end of the day, we got a cryptic post from David Jenkins – the fandom went wild thinking he may have gotten some renewal news. We shall have to see…

Other Things This Week:

And that’s it for this week! We will see you next week for our last post of 2023!

Until then,