Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, crew! We’re still getting a steady stream of BTS (behind-the-scenes) content, albeit slightly slower this week. But we had some great interviews as well, and some hints at possible award nominations! Let’s get into it.

December 3

Set decorator Lindsey Cantrell was the fan favorite this week, giving us this amazing thread (also here in our gallery).

We also got a couple of Rhys selfies!

December 4

Deb Watson gave us some Bloodbucket Bill content!

And Kristian got to meet some fans 3,500mi away from home! (Wow!)

We had a couple of good interviews come out – here are some of the bits that made the fandom buzz.

[…] the second I started putting stuff on I was like, ‘what’s going on here, Gypsy? What are these knots? What’s goin’ on in this situation?’ And she was like ‘oh yeah, Blackbeard’s crew is like lowkey BDSM-coded everywhere.’ And I was like… ‘LOVE!’ One of these scenes that I had with Olu when I’m talking to him about Archie, when I’m like ‘I saw her boobs, both of them,’ in some of the takes I just kinda went and started spitballing other stuff. I was like ‘and she did this thing with like some ropes, and I thought that ropes were just used for torturing people, but I guess torturing can be-’ I was trying to go on a different tangent. I was like, ‘I guess…torture can be pleasurable,’ and I was trying to figure out ways to still be somewhat innocent, but also not that innocent. So yeah, I think Jim would very much enjoy being tied up.

— Vico Ortiz, Popverse

I really pitched hard for a second that it should be known that everyone uses whale blubber as lube. I had this idea that they, you know how before [modern] candles they would burn oil? I was like, ‘Oh yeah, they have all this like, liquid whale fat that they use as candles on the ship, then they keep running out of it because people keep using it as lube.’ And I think that idea was a little too gross for the [writers’] room.

— Writer Jes Tom, Paste Magazine

When I was laying down the part at the beginning [of Season 2, Episode 7 of Our Flag Means Death] where Blackbeard wraps up his leathers and throws them into the ocean, of course that was something that David wanted. But for me, as I was putting it down I didn’t totally get that moment until I realized, ‘Oh, it’s a trans allegory.’ He’s taking his stuff and he doesn’t need it anymore. He drops it, and he feels lighter, and the weight comes off his shoulders,” they say. “In the script, I had him catch a glance of himself… And he says ‘bye bye.’ That was one of my lines that made it in. He says ‘bye bye,’ and I loved it.

— Writer Jes Tom, Paste Magazine

And we got a surprise visit from Jenks!

December 5

With this photo we probably say “goodbye” to the archive photos series – this is the last one we saw from Rhys this week.

We got another “Behind the Flag” from Samba! This one is more set-based.

We got another round of BTS from Lindsey (below thread, or in our gallery).

Another interview came out, this time from Rhys.

Q: I interviewed Vico Ortiz, and they said that there were rumors that the haunted jacket was actually haunted, like a fire alarm went off and things like that.

Rhys: It did, as soon as I turned up on set wearing that outfit. The fire alarms went off and there was there was no fire, but I think that’s just because I was looking so hot. A lot of people were saying that was the main reason.

— Rhys Darby, Tor.com

We ended the day with some fandom discourse. It was OFMD vs. the Yellowjackets fandom that day, and unfortunately, we did have some casualties. Remember to take care of yourselves and your loved ones, folx, and log off if you need to.

December 6

Wednesday started off strong with another Vico/Madeleine thirst trap.

We got a unique look at how actors are scanned for VFX (visual effects) scenes.

Screenrant released an interview clip with Con to accompany their article.

SAG-AFTRA announced that their members had ratified the new contract, and so the strike was officially, officially over. We got a celebratory post from the actor who played this guy in 1×05.

December 7

Awards season has officially kicked off. The Awards Watch blog has theorized that Rhys might be in line for a Golden Globe award… Nominations will be announced on December 11.

We got some BTS from Samba of Maaka Pohatu, who plays the guy that Zheng defeats at the beginning of 2×03.

December 8

Rotten Tomatoes also gave OFMD (and Rhys!) a shout-out for a Golden Globe award!

We got another set tour from Samba.

Rhys doing warm-ups was the highlight of the day – thanks again to Lindsey.

And we got a closeup look at the rings on the windowsill! 👀

Makeup designer Nancy Hennah gave a few more looks at makeup tests. Last year, the makeup and hair department won a MUAHS Award for best period hair styling, and we hope they can repeat that this year!

Rhys did another interview!

Samba hinted at a Rizzy (Roach/Izzy) gift… Wonder what he has planned…

And Oz Comic Con kicked off – with Con in attendance! You can follow the weekend’s events in our thread below.

Other Things This Week:

And that wraps up another great week. We’ll see you next Sunday!

Until then,