Weekly Wrap-Up

The theme of this week was “shopping.” And the memes were immaculate.


January 21

We got a big announcement about a new crew member! Congratulations, Samba and Aria!

January 22

Samson called us the “best fandom” he has “ever seen”!

Crew were taking to the streets to get the word out about saving the show!

And creator David Jenkins reacted to the petition crossing the 77k mark!

January 23

The petition kept growing!

And an anonymous source at Max told Popverse about the marketing around OFMD.

January 24

BBC finally confirmed that the show would be returning for a second season in the UK! The first episode is scheduled for 10pm GMT on Monday, February 5 on BBC Two.

Many may remember, last time OFMD aired on the BBC, Kristian did “Wee John Wednesdays” where he chatted with a fellow cast member about the show. (If you missed them, they’re all on his Instagram!)

The 2024 Queerties nominations came in – and both Vico and OFMD got a shout-out! You can vote (for Vico and the show) once a day through February 22, winners will be announced March 12.

In the wake of last week’s #LubeAsACrew live-tweet event, Astroglide bragged about the event to the entire company.

January 25

The Guardian posted an article about fan efforts, and it was the most-read article on their site that day!

Cast continued to post about the show.

And poor Damien (“Father Teach”) discovered fics about his character.

January 26

David Jenkins proudly posted about Vico and OFMD being nominated for the Queerties.

Writer Alex Sherman is still interacting with fan posts on Twitter.

The JoCo Cruise, sailing in March with Vico, made a custom rug for them!

And Astroglide announced another live-tweet event, much to the delight of “Jeffrey Fettering”!

Dominic then gave us a beautiful gift of BTS from S1.

GalaxyCon announced OFMD guests in two of their other cons!

January 27

Max’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery is still not doing well…

Vico popped in to brag about their Queerties nomination.

New unofficial merch alert!

The petition surpassed 82,000 signatures!

January 28

The ad truck is still going in Los Angeles! Greens Coordinator for S2, Leanne Evans, spotted it driving down the road.

Popular Accounts Who Shared/Interacted with Renewal Efforts

Kate McLennan, co-creator of “Deadloch” (starring Madeleine Sami):

On-set photographer Nicola Dove:

Other Things This Week:

And that’s the week’s news!

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