Weekly Wrap-Up

The work continues! We had a lot of great engagement still this week, and the BTS made a comeback as well! Let’s get into it.

January 28

19 days after cancellation and we still can get our tags trending!

January 29

Writer Alex Sherman continues to support from the sidelines.

Following ECCC’s announcement of not having OFMD guests this year, C2E2 followed suit. However, another ReedPop convention, Florida Supercon, seems to have plans. (They hosted Kristian, Nathan, and Con last year!)

Fans ran a #PetsForPirates event on Twitter – and Damien Gerard (Father Teach) took the opportunity to show off his kitties!

And we heard again from Jorts in support of renewing OFMD!

January 30

We are continuing to see support from some crew members, notably set decorator Lindsey Cantrell! She shared some BTS and also the petition link again.

Someone discovered that Max’s “For Your Consideration” billboard was still up…

Kit Williamson, who played “Ed” in Mad Men and created the queer Netflix series “EastSiders” gave a shoutout to OFMD and shared the petition!

We noticed two new photographs thanks to BBC’s S2 episode guide!

And news agencies began reporting on the premiere!

Samba graced us with his presence with a new shout-out post, this time to Vico.

The big news of the day (and the week, really) was the #RenewAsACrew group announcing they were shutting down. We thank them for their hard work, and for getting us tons of media coverage. A couple of accounts have taken up the mantle of continuing renewal efforts: @AdoptOurCrew and @SaveOFMDCrew.

January 31

Astroglide did another live-tweet event with us!

And Minnie Driver celebrated her 54th birthday!

February 1

Our favorite BTS extraordinaire celebrated his birthday!

And Basingstoke Comic Con announced 3 OFMD guests!

The big news of the day was the publication of an article in Vulture talking about the reasons behind why so many Max shows have been cancelled lately. It’s been speculated by many that this may have been a PR attempt by Max.

One of the points mentioned in the article was the “And Just Like That” series, which continues to get renewed, had great reviews and a smaller and more manageable budget than the shows that were cancelled.

They also speculated that OFMD was not a contender for the awards season.

Per our favorite industry insider:

RE: Casey Bloys’ recent call to arms of “gay Twitter”

In other news… The same group that organized the Times Square billboard (previously affiliated with, but not a part of, #RenewAsACrew) has released another round of ads around New York City!

February 2

24 days into the “gravy basket” and folks are still at it!

We were excited to see the BBC doing some advertising for S2!

Another NYC ad spotted in the wild!

Netflix caught media attention for picking up a show that Max dropped – it’s a thing that actually happens! This article in particular also mentions OFMD, which means we’re still getting media attention!

Q+ Magazine jumped into the renewal fray and published this wonderful piece.

Our new friend Astroglide is pitching new unofficial merch as we speak…

And the big announcement of the day – #WeeJohnWednesdays are back! If you’re new to these, Kristian live-tweeted each episode of S1 when it aired on BBC Two early last year, plus he did an interview with a cast member afterward! You can find all of his interviews still on his Instagram or Twitch, they are a delight to watch. S2 episodes will be airing Monday nights at 10:00 GMT (5pm ET, 11am NZST) with Kristian interviews right afterward! Catch us live-tweeting the episode and interviews each Monday!

February 3

Twitter put on #DayOfDamien in honor of Father Teach’s birthday!

“Rumours” turned 47…

Our petition hit 84,000 signatures!

Another ad was spotted in NYC!

And Rhys is now on Cameo!

February 4

In honor of S2 premiering on the BBC tomorrow(!) Nathan dropped a HUGE BTS bomb! Love ya Nathan!

And Q+ Magazine hosted a S1 rewatch on Twitter!

The #SaveOFMDCrew folks ran a #StewAsACrew event on Twitter!

Other Things This Week:

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