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February 11

Vico did a chat with fandom favorite Samantha Rei about costuming in S2. You can catch the recording on Samantha’s Instagram. One of the big moments from the chat was:

Our Flag Means Media Advocacy hosted the #SafeSpaceShip event on the HMS Surprise at the Maritime Museum of San Diego in California!

February 12

Patches (@ofmdframes) teased a new interview with Vico coming soon.

We had #WeeJohnWonday number 2 of 8, with mystery guest (so as not to spoil the Brits) Nathan Foad! You can read through our live-tweet below or watch the recording on Kristian’s Instagram.

As fans continue to dig through the data, we got some great info from company Parrot Analytics.

Our fave set decorator Lindsey Cantrell continues to interact with fans…

February 13

Samba did a shout-out to Con O’Neill! You can check out these photos, as well as ones he submitted to his Instagram stories, in our gallery here.

Conathan O’Nonathan has a new nickname…

After last week’s announcement from Basingstoke Comic Con, we had Kristian and Vico tweets!

OFMD continues to see a bit of press in the UK…

Our Flag Means Media Advocacy hosted another event, the Matelotage Processional, a cosplay/strike event in Burbank, California!

We got some great costume info from S1 designer Christine Wada!

Some fans did a Kudoboard with some nice messages for Rhys, who loved it!

February 14

Australia’s streamer for OFMD posted on Valentine’s Day!

And Astroglide did another #LubeAsACrew event to watch the last 3 episodes of S1!

February 15

S2 continues to break into international spaces, with S2 confirmed for German streamer RTL+.

And fans continue to uncover more show data…

The first of the ReedPop conventions announced OFMD guests – at Florida Supercon!

Con made a video for the #ConLoveProject (part one, two, three, and four) which fans put together for him.

And Samba posted a shout-out to Taika!

You can see additional content he submitted to his stories in the thread below or in our gallery here.

And some maniac added the almost-kiss footage to the existing scene, with the music!

Fans rejoice, we have 30,000+ fanworks on AO3!

February 16

We got a couple new stills of Fang & Roach’s spa day from on-set photographer Nicola Dove. (If you missed the eel saga, check it out at Samba’s Insta!)

Rhys appears to be making a buzz on Cameo…

And #SaveOFMD flyers were spotted in the wild!

February 18

Rhys has done so many Cameos lately that a fan has started compiling them into a thread:

Other Things This Week:

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