Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi fans, thanks for following us week-to-week as we monitor Our Flag Means Death news. It was fairly slow week this week, but still a couple interesting tidbits… Let’s go through it!

March 13

Fans kicked off a fundraiser in honor of Kristian Nairn’s fabulous weekly #WeeJohnWednesday live-tweets and Q&As.

Within hours the fundraiser hit its £500 goal, and as of today (March 19), it’s standing at about £3,000. There’s still 21 days left in the fundraiser if you would like to contribute!

We also got another tantalizing hint at S2 post-production… Samba is back doing some additional ADR (aka voice-over work), a month after his last post about doing ADR work.

Samba stands with his season 2 hoodie, and a pirate hat and eyepatch emojis (?) added to his face. Text reads: “ADR for a show. Can’t say which genre.”

March 15

Samba announced that he would be doing another raffle of some new(!) HBO OFMD merch, this time at C2E2 later this month. If you’re attending the cast panel at C2E2 and want in on this, make sure to get a raffle ticket!

March 16

After last week’s SXSW activity, we got another teasing post from HBO’s LGBTQ+ account, a small clip from episode 7:

The mysterious “Javid Denkins” also may have revealed their true intentions:

And we got another set photo from episode 9!

March 17

On the day of the ECCC cast panel two weeks ago, Samson sent out a cryptic tweet that seemed to indicate an announcement of some kind was forthcoming, setting everyone’s expectations of the cast panel quite high. Unfortunately, as we learned from the David Jenkins Q&A last week, none of the cast or crew seem to know when S2 will be premiering. Nevertheless, something piratical seems to have jolted Samson’s memory, he came back and added to his previous tweet…

Adding to the intrigue, BBC has been active around promoting Our Flag, despite the series having finished airing last week.

In somewhat unrelated news, Jumanji 4 was announced – and we’re hoping that might mean a continuation of the Nigel role for Rhys!

March 18

Our Samson seems to have made it into the 3/13 New York Times crossword (per OP’s comment on the below post)!

March 19

And lastly – again, and interesting promo from BBC. We’re quite happy for the publicity, but can’t help but ponder about the implications…

And that’s it – like we said, a pretty light week! But let’s see what next week holds in store… In the meantime, be excellent to each other. See you then.