Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to the OFMD Crew’s weekly wrap-up! The weather in the northern hemisphere is starting to warm up, and so, too, are the fandom updates… Let’s see what happened this week!

March 20

We heard that our Rory got cast for season 2 of Rings of Power – congrats Rory!

March 21

Rhys celebrated 49 years around the sun! (He tweeted a bit early from an American point of view, as he is currently in New Zealand “for a few days work,” per his wife. We believe all OFMD work in NZ is complete, so this is likely something different, but it’s still good to keep an eye out…)

Samba wished his captain well on Instagram (with what may be a new S1 BTS photo…).

March 22

We heard again from BBC, this time on their TikTok channel. Excitingly, OFMD promo continues to pop up on various network channels (we’ve heard from HBO Max, HBO’s LGBTQ+ account, and BBC – and usually never on the same day, so there appears to be some amount of coordination).

Some of you may recall a fan-run convention last September in Bristol, England called Our Con Means Death. Well – they’ve just announced they will be doing another one this year (date TBD)! We hope some of our European followers can join in on the fun, this looked like a really great time last year.

A very resourceful fan managed to track down one of the production members for S2 on Instagram, and there were some very interesting set decorations and scouting locations that are likely related to S2…

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers! ⚠️



March 23

To all the OFMD fans’ delight who had been buying an MCM ticket in a hopeful fever the last couple of weeks, MCM finally confirmed that there would, in fact, be OFMD cast attending! Everyone remove your clown makeup, this time the fans were right!

We celebrated a very important one-year anniversary…

And someone dug up Taika and Rhys’ old MySpace profiles using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine!


March 24

Vico announced they were in the ADR* booth this time… So this is the second month, it seems, of cast going in to do this work… How much more post-production can there be left??

*ADR stands for Additional Dialogue Replacement, or post-production voiceover work, usually to make dialogue spoken outside more audible, or sometimes for trailer voiceover.

The day after announcing OFMD cast at MCM, they released the date for their panel. It will be on May 27 at 12pm GMT (7am EST, 1am NZST).

A website dedicated to predicting awards for movies and TV put out a very intriguing article that seemed to suggest they might be “in” on certain release dates… But nothing confirmed just yet…

March 25

Speaking of S2, Samba put out the mildest of spoilers on his Instagram… Hiding because technically this does reveal information from S2.

⚠️ S2 Spoilers! ⚠️

Roach is back in the kitchen for S2! Either that, or this season is so sad that we’re all going to be crying…

And that’s it for this week! Lots of upcoming convention fun, and so many promising hints around S2…

See you all next week! Be excellent to each other.