Weekly Wrap-Up

“Hi all!” Welcome to our weekly wrap-up! Miss something from the Our Flag Means Death fandom this week? No worries, we’ve got you! Let’s check out what happened this week.

March 27

Our friend Aaron Epstein (on-set photographer) has been feeding us a lot, lately. He posted some new behind-the-scenes photos from episode 10.

March 28

Someone found a post from a S2 set decorator on Instagram (handle in the comments of the tweet). Potential S2 spoilers, so under the accordion it goes…

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers! ⚠️

Plus more photos from Aaron!

March 29

And again!

March 30

For anyone keeping track, BBC posted yet another promo to their Instagram…

But the big headline of the day was about some information found for S2 – not so much plot spoilers, but… well, if you’re interested, check under the accordion.

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Minnesota’s Twin Cities Con appears to be considering OFMD guests!

To round out the day, we had the GLAAD Media Awards ceremony (some may recall in January, OFMD was nominated for Outstanding New TV Series). Sadly, it lost to A League of Their Own, but Vico won in the category of Outstanding Spanish-Language TV Journalism! We’re so proud of them!

You can see their Spanish-language interview (with Spanish subtitles) here:

And check out our coverage of the event, including some really fabulous photos:

March 31

For those readers in the western European area, there are a couple of meetups being organized:


Speaking of meetups, C2E2 opened its doors on Friday! You can check out our coverage of the first day of the event here (including a drag race – attended by Vico, of course):

April 1

The fandom had a fabulous time spending April Fool’s Day as a mass of Calico Jacks:

And C2E2 had their OFMD cast panel! You can follow our live-tweet of it here:
You can also watch the full video on Popverse (if you are a member or bought a C2E2 digital ticket), or it’s available for free (for perhaps a limited time…) on YouTube.

Our friend @OFMDFrames also uploaded a ton of clips to Twitter:


The only April Fool’s Day prank of the day (and it was pretty cruel) came from Samba, of all people:

There was a panel on found family in OFMD after the cast panel, and that is also available to watch, on Instagram:

April 2

BBC was at it again, this time with what is arguably the best promo out there right now:

Despite a lack of panels, people were still getting autographs at C2E2 from OFMD cast members on Sunday, and there was such great cosplay going on (you can find tons more at the #C2ECrew hashtag on Twitter!):

What a great way to start out the month of April! Some disappointments this week, but lots of excitement – and who knows, maybe even a teaser soon! You’ll hear all about it from us when that finally happens. Until then, be excellent to each other. See you next week.