Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello readers! Thanks for joining us again on this fabulous May Sunday. So what happened in the Our Flag Means Death fandom this week? Let’s get into it.

May 8

German website SerienJunkies.de announced that streaming service RTL+ will be showing OFMD in Germany starting in June (for Pride Month, of course). Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Deutschland!

OFMD S2 also appeared on the New Zealand Film Commission’s “Future Releases” page. Makes it feel very real!

We also got what might be another ADR (voiceover) update for S2 from Vico. This assumption is based on purely the S2 hoodie, and vibes. It may be a completely unrelated “audio gig” they’re talking about (they do like to narrate audiobooks).

May 9

Peabody announced the winners for its 83rd annual Peabody Awards. Unfortunately, OFMD did not win. But what an honor to have even been nominated!

May 11

HBO Max has featured OFMD – if ever so briefly – in a new promo reel on their app, featuring their new name “Max.” They are officially rebranding on May 23, just a couple weeks away.

An industry insider obtained some word-of-mouth information about a scene (or scenes) in S2. Potential spoilers under the accordion.

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Here is the tweet, which is marked “sensitive” to hide the spoilers from Twitter users, so we are unable to embed it directly here. But these were the images shared:

We confirmed in early March that there were several extras that had been cast as British soldiers, which isn’t earthshattering news based on the plot of S1, but still exciting to have these little details start to fit together. Certainly a direct confrontation with King George II would be in line with the user of the words “bigger” and “extra” to describe S2.

May 13

Samba hosted a baking class via BeMomentus, and shared some interesting OFMD tidbits during! We were unfortunately unable to attend, but was able to pick up information from various tweets during the event:

  • OFMD S2 is still in the visual effects stage of post-production. Apparently though, Aotearoa New Zealand company Wētā FX (who worked on Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” films) is involved!
  • In S1, Wee John was supposed to have a tiny brother called “Big John,” who was more chaotic than Wee John. but the actor had visa issues, so they had to scrap the character, and instead built his personality into Roach’s character. (Apparently Big John can be found in earlier drafts of the script, available here.)
  • No spoilers for S2 as this was cut, but apparently there was a trained rat on set who was fired because he refused to do his job. (Would have been fun to have a Karl parallel! Maybe they worked something else out.)

Slight S2 spoiler possibility on this last tidbit, so for those strictly abstaining, we will hide this under the accordion.

⚠️ Possible S2 Spoilers ⚠️

This “multiple ships” concept lines up neatly with the spoiler mentioned earlier in this post, about there being a battle of sorts. Tie that in with the VFX company who worked on the epic “Lord of the Rings” films, and it’s really possible that S2 will be “bigger” and “extra”…

May 14

We got a crumb from HBO Max (well, their pop culture account, anyway).

Other Stuff:

  • May 8: Leslie Jones did a bit for the “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” fundraiser (she’s in the video at 37:45).
  • May 8: A Twitter user has been organizing food deliveries to striking writers (and they have been appreciating it!). DM them if you’d like to get involved!
  • May 8: Another Twitter user is coordinating a big (secret) OFMD project.
  • May 9: HBO Poland threw the fandom a (S1) crumb.
  • May 9: Samba gave a nice shoutout to the OFMD writers.
  • May 10: Random Acts of Kindness did a piece on Vico and their work with/for LaBori Vogue.
  • May 10: Cosmopolitan posted a follow-up interview with Vico for their first Pride issue.
  • May 11: Do you make OFMD fan music? Share it!
  • May 12: Leslie Jones posted a clip of her “training” for her time as host of The Daily Show.
  • May 13: #SteddyHandsWeek starts May 14 on Twitter and AO3!
  • May 14: Rhys’ son’s band Great Big Cow has hit 16,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify!

And there we go, that was the week’s headlines! Come back again next week! In the meantime, be excellent to each other.