Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s official, crew:

September 5

News outlets started picking up on the comment David Jenkins left on Instagram last week about wrapping up OFMD with a third season (which he was considering last year):

September 6

We received confirmation that Nathan will still be coming to New York Comic Con. As a reminder, SAG-AFTRA isn’t banning con attendance, just talking about/promoting struck work at cons.

⚠️ Contains S2 Promo Pics ⚠️

We also saw signs of life from Samson, who’s been rather quiet lately. Perhaps he even gave us a clue for S2? (And yes – another official account post! It’s so weird to see!)

September 7

Speaking of NYCC, Popverse announced the date & time for the NYCC cast panel! It will be Saturday, October 14 at 10:45 EDT (which is 5:45pm GMT and 6:00am Sunday NZST). The best news is, it will be livestreamed for free!

September 8

We got a new quote from David Jenkins about S2 from Entertainment Weekly! (Jenks has spoken previously about Stede & Ed’s relative immaturity/inexperience when it comes to love.)

Screenshot from the linked article: Avast! TV's best queer pirate rom-com is setting sail for a second season. Season 1 followed aspiring swashbuckler Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) as he struck up an unlikely friendship β€” and eventual love affair β€” with his murderous mentor Blackbeard (Taika Waititi). The star-crossed captains suffered a devastating breakup in the season 1 finale, and season 2 finds them grappling with heartbreak. "They're both pretty immature in their own way," explains series creator David Jenkins. "The course of this season is: Can they find their way to maybe a more mature form of love?" We'll have to wait and see whether Stede and Blackbeard's journey leads them to treasure β€” or whether their love will end up lost at sea. β€”Devan Coggan

Max also gave us a nice days-of-the-week post about OFMD.

September 9

The fan-run Our Con Means Death has finalized their schedule! You can attend this coming weekend in person in Bristol, England if you are in the area, or they still have online tickets available!

Other Things This Week:

And that wraps up this week’s news! Remember, we’re still due a full trailer after last week’s teaser trailer. Those in the know have run the math…

Until next time, friends!