Weekly Wrap-Up

Wow, crew. What a week. What. A. Week. So much happened – let’s get into it!

September 10

Samba made an emotional post on Twitter… Judging by the neat shape this has, this may have been a scrap squirreled away from the wardrobe department, as we know the original robe survived to be used again in an episode of “Barry” in 2022.

September 12

Entertainment Weekly gave us another sneak peek at S2, including a new interview with David Jenkins! (With the strikes ongoing, we think Jenks is able to talk about the show in his capacity as the show creator, rather than writer.)

⚠️ S2 Promo Pics & Vague Plot Discussion ⚠️

Here’s the link to the Entertainment Weekly article. Highlights:

  • Jenks talked (again) about Stede & Ed having an immature sense of what love means, and that they’ll have to go on a journey this season to better figure that out
  • Rhys and Taika came into S1 with excitement, and then S2 with confidence
  • Us fans got called “an impressively ferocious fanbase” – we’re owning that!
  • S2’s goal was to maintain the “goofy, anarchic tone,” and the crew got called Muppets again

And here’s the photos that were included in the article!

September 13

What a day. We got tons of teasers from Max!

⚠️ S2 Content ⚠️

The first teaser came out at noon ET. Eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed that Ed is wearing Stede’s cravat, and pointed to Jenks’ wrap tweet that had the cravat dangling off the Revenge’s helm.

The second teaser came an hour later, from HBO’s “gay account”:


Then an hour after that, we got another one…

And then an hour after that… 😵

This last tweet came with a link to YouTube, which had a countdown to the official trailer!

Then, a Twitter user managed to catch a new teaser on CNN!

And someone caught another one!

And believe it or not, other things also happened that day…

NewFest announced they would be doing a screening of episodes 6 & 7 on October 16, which is 3 days ahead of their release on Max. Curiously, they mention that a Q&A will be happening afterward, but they don’t have confirmation of who that will be yet. This screening sold out within hours – we hope tons of people attending NYCC that weekend will also be able to attend this Monday night screening!

Then Samba posted about how S2 filming officially started one year ago…

And Vico released the details of their upcoming Patreon!

Overall, it was A Day.

September 14

And so, we finally arrived at Trailer Day…

But first, Samson leaked the announcement that OFMD cast will be at MCM Comic Con (London) in October! Fans have been waiting since October was rumored to be the release date (back in June!) to see if MCM would follow in NYCC’s footsteps.

Then we got another official poster! (A vertical version can also be found here.)

While fans were getting riled up, Alex Sherman was thinking of us with a post to Instagram of more Aotearoa New Zealand pictures – two of which are from the set of the Revenge!

And then…

⚠️ S2 Trailer & Promo Pics ⚠️

Here is the official trailer! 2:10 of gay pirate-y goodness!

And officially, Lucius is back.

Then came an explosion of more than 20 new promo pics… (Thanks to @TaikaArchives for gifting us many of these in super hi-def!)

We also heard from Madeleine Sami! The cast are being very careful not to promote the show – this post can sort of be taken as promoting Deadloch (which is not a SAG-AFTRA production).

We did hear from Guz Khan (who is not continuing into S2 as Ivan), and he is happy to see his fellow actors of color continue on with the show.

September 15

Operation Auxiliary Wardrobe is launching the first of several projects… (This tweet is the first in a thread.)

Pirates are still gifting striking writers and actors with food and beverages!

The fan-run convention Our Con Means Death kicked off in Bristol, England!

We’re obsessed with this Widow Olivia…

Kristian announced he is launching a subscription, where he will play guitar, do fragrance reviews, and even resurrect his “Wee John Wednesdays” (although, probably not on Wednesdays). You can see the recording of his live here:

And Samba confirmed that yes, the cast are reading your fanfiction…

September 17

Design Assistant Amy Tunnicliffe is giving away a S2 crew hoodie!

Critics have been given early access to S2 – this one says it is “so so good”! We can’t wait!

Other Things This Week:

And there we go, that was what happened this week. (Phew!) Until next time…