Weekly Wrap-Up

Here we go, everyone! It’s the last weekend before S2! Activity has been seriously ramping up from all corners – let’s catch you up on everything!

September 19

We got a surprise promo image of Stede from entertainment site The Screamr!

⚠️ S2 Promo Image ⚠️

An unwatermarked version can be found in this thread, or in our gallery here.

They were not exactly planning to give us all this image, as we learned from one of their admins, Mo!


September 20

Max started rolling out the big promotional guns, and we were thrilled. There’s a billboard up in Times Square in New York City, a banner on HBO’s headquarters in Los Angeles, and posters on bridge support pillars also in Los Angeles.

September 21

We learned that the BBC has yet to schedule a premiere date for OFMD. A fan was told a few weeks ago that, if the BBC was going to air S02E01 on October 5 like the rest of the world, we would only learn about it two weeks ahead of time. And September 21 was 2 weeks out from October 5. So the BBC is unfortunately still an unknown in terms of timing – though presumably they still have the license to the show? No other UK entity has yet to state they will air OFMD.

But on a brighter note…

September 22

MCM announced that cast would now have a panel – October 28 at 11am BST. MCM has not historically livestreamed or recorded their panels, so sadly this will probably be an exclusive experience for attendees.

@ofmdframes, through his connections as a critic, was able to give us another surprise promo image!

⚠️ S2 Promo Image ⚠️

Buttons appears to be… leashed? Which explains the rope Roach is holding in the Vanity Fair photo. And we can see Roach in the background, with his sash, along with what looks like Pete sleeping below him, and Wee John to the left of Stede. Perhaps this is the crew sleeping under the bridge?

September 25

Some very lucky fans got to meet Jenks! We have to wonder how many days a week he’s been going to visit the billboard in NYC…


September 26

A critic with early access to S2 was able to confirm the runtime on each of the episodes (minus the finale, which is under wraps even for the critics):

And then we received the happy news that the Writers Guild of America (WGA) had reached a deal to end their strike – after 148 days!

September 27

And right on cue at 12:01, we got a behind-the-scenes pic from writer Alex Sherman! We sure are glad to have him back, he’s honestly one of the biggest fans of the show.

We ran a tweetstorm event with the hashtag #AboutBelonging! We saw a lot of really great posts from fans.

September 28

The review embargo lifted at 8am PT, and we got a flood of S2 reviews from critics who had been given the first 7 episodes of the series (no one has so far watched the finale). The good news is, most reviews are very positive, and the average rating seems to be hovering around an 8/10.

Please note that these articles contain information about plot, song tracks, and episode titles. Fans who don’t want to go in knowing too much may be advised to avoid at least the Collider and NZ Herald articles, which many say are too spoiler-y.

Based off of some episode titles dropped in some of the reviews, and some leaks from Australian TV provider Foxtel recently, we have the titles of 6 out of the 8 episodes

⚠️ S2 Episode Titles ⚠️

What in the world does “Impossible Birds” mean??

We also got an awesome inside look at costume designs from TV Insider, as well as a whole minute and a half long clip from episode 1!

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Thanks so much to TV Insider for these behind-the-scenes looks! Here’s the link to the article for interviews and more images.

Their article also included an embedded YouTube video of a minute-and-a-half long clip from what Max has labeled as from S02E01. Please note that some people have said this clip is a bit too spoiler-y for their tastes. (Also a TW for DV.)

If you do watch the clip, read this to cheer yourself up…

And then, we got new clips from Max to celebrate being a week(!) out from premiere!

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Stede in his waitress era. 😊

Interestingly, they seem to have made some graphic design changes…

And we got a (non-spoiler-y) post from Alex Sherman!

And more content is coming…

September 29

Someone shared an amazing story about Alex Sherman. (You’re gonna wanna read this thread.)

And Max actually put together a cute video (very like BBC’s video from last year)!

And then – phew – we got a special behind-the-scenes look at the filming of S2! This video contains interviews with cast & crew, but also brand new clips from S2.

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

We were truly spoiled for content this week.


September 30

Jenks offered a quick quote to Collider.

I kind of thought people would know a little bit more [about] where we were going, but then in hindsight, no, people have been hurt and burned on so many other shows and then made to feel silly. So it was very gratifying to see the show embraced — to see every element of the creative embraced, every element of the production design, every department get their due in attention, was just overwhelming. It’s the honor of my professional life. I don’t think this happens very often, so I’m just savoring it.


October 1

And now today is October! Which means we are officially in the week of premiere! (“This Thursday!” Agh!)

Other Stuff This Week:

So, wow. Here we go. Lots to mull over (and re-watch) before this Thursday arrives!

See you on the flip side…