Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, crew! Welcome to life after the S2 premiere! Feels good right? (Or… maybe not. Those episodes were pretty intense. If the darkness of S2 brought up some things in you, that’s okay. If you need help, please reach out to a hotline or someone you love.)

We had a lot of stuff this week – lots of behind-the-scenes (BTS) posts, lots and lots of interviews, and even more articles. We’ll go through day-by-day what went down this week, but we also have a list of all the articles and stuff at the end.

Please note that we are not hiding any content featuring scenes from episodes 1-3. We will continue to hide content from future episodes under spoiler accordions.

October 1

We were so proud to see that David Fane got Fang’s S2 tattoos (or tatau)! He looks chuffed.

October 2

We are so glad to have our writers back (although it’s not over yet for the WGA)! We got some BTS of the Revenge set from writer Alex Sherman.

October 3

David Jenkins did a fan pilgrimage to the HBO building in Los Angeles!

New Zealand (like, the country) launched a whole campaign to promote their involvement in the filming of OFMD, because the show provided “significant economic, cultural and industry benefits” to the country(!). The campaign gave us a fabulously goofy video with Taika, as well as an article listing filming locations!

⚠️ References to future episode locations & scenes ⚠️

The New Zealand Herald has an article about this campaign, if anyone has a subscription. Reuters also did an article!

We also did an event to stand with striking crew ahead of the premiere – check out all the great #OFMDstrong posts from fans!

October 4

Alex gave us some more BTS of the Revenge!

We also noticed that the New Zealand Film Commission did a screening of S2 for select folks, including our S2 on-set photographer, Nicola Dove!

We were given the final list of episode titles – all except the finale – from GamesRadar. Check under the accordion.

⚠️ Future episode titles ⚠️

Here’s the title list:

Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 1 – Impossible Birds – out now!
Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 2 – Red Flags – out now!
Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 3 – The Innkeeper – out now!
Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 4 – Fun and Games – October 12
Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 5 – The Curse of the Seafaring Life – October 12
Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 6 – Calypso’s Birthday – October 19
Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 7 – Man on Fire – October 19
Our Flag Means Death season 2 episode 8 – TBA – October 26

Jenkins then offered fans to meet up with him at the billboard in New York City!

And everyone had an amazing time!

October 5

Season 2 premiered at 12:01am Pacific Time. And all was right with the world. 😌

Right at midnight PT, Alex wished us all a very good viewing.

The preview for episodes 4 & 5 didn’t appear for many, so a Twitter user posted it!

⚠️ Spoilers for episodes 4 & 5 ⚠️

It was at the end of episode 3, but for some reason got cut off.

We then got some great behind-the-scenes stuff from Insider and Polygon (more images at those links, or in our gallery).

Plus, we got 25 new promotional stills from WBD (Max’s parent company)! (More images at that link, or in our gallery.) Now, these are not screenshots from the episode, these are from photographer Nicola Dove, who was on-set during filming. So these are slightly alternate angles to scenes we’ve seen.

We finally – finally! – got a line of merch from Max!

With emotions running high, we heard from a lot of our cast & crew in honor of Premiere Day.


Joy of my life working with all these wonderful women on Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death! ‘I got that all on video!’ #ourflagmeansdeathseason2 #womenintelevision

♬ Hey Lover – The Daughters Of Eve

And a couple cast & crew members hosted watch parties!

And at the very end of it all, we wished Matthew Maher a very happy birthday!

October 6

Some crew members confirmed that Spanish Jackie has trans husbands!

Max then posted an adorable video of Taika and Rhys talking about working together – it has clips of upcoming episodes, so we’ll put it under a spoiler accordion.

⚠️ Footage from upcoming episodes ⚠️

This is just such a beautiful video. They have such a great relationship. And finally – S1 BTS, too!

We got a little teaser from Erroll Shand (Prince Ricky)…

Costume designer Gypsy Taylor made the pilgrimage to the HBO building in Los Angeles!

We heard from writer Jes Tom…

And then it sort of turned into Merman BTS Day, with first an article from Entertainment Weekly!

And then Alex…

Then we saw some other BTS from a costume maker.

And then, sadly, a fan noticed…

But, we ended the day on a high note with a crew member’s tweet.

October 7

We got some BTS from cinematographer Nathaniel Goodman.

And some BTS from costume designer Gypsy Taylor.

October 8

In honor of David Jenkins’ birthday, we got some photos of him from fellow cast & crew!

And we got some S2 posters from Max – excitingly, done by very popular fan artist!

We got some more BTS from cinematographer Nathaniel Goodman for an upcoming episode!

⚠️ Sets from an upcoming episode ⚠️

And the making of Stede’s mertail from artist Hayley Egan!

Fans also discovered a post from Max’s Latino account that has either an alternate version of the S1 kiss, or a cut second kiss – at 1:27.

Other Things This Week:

We still have 5 more episodes to go, folks! And so much more BTS… Make sure to tune in next week and catch it all!

Until next time,