Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello crew. How are you? If you’re feeling post-finale drop, that’s absolutely normal. And if you’re upset about a certain moment in the finale, you have lots of company. Please take care of yourselves, talk to people about your feelings, and utilize a hotline if you need to. If you are still buzzing with excitement from S2, that’s great too! We had a lot of great stuff happen this week, including MCM Comic Con, so let’s get right into it.

Please note that we are collecting articles and interviews at the end of this blog post, and you can always browse our S2 gallery with all the below photos and videos right here.

⚠️ Please be advised that we are not hiding any spoilers from any episode from S2 for this post, and going forward. ⚠️

October 23

We got some great behind-the-scenes (BTS) looks from writer Alex Sherman, plus some interviews with costume designer Gypsy Taylor from news outlet Polygon!

We also heard from Kristian. We can’t wait to talk about the show with him again.

The Wrap put out a glowing article of OFMD, calling it the “flagship” of Max. You can read the article here (paywalled) or on Yahoo here.

October 24

Alex gave us some BTS from episode 6. (We just have to laugh, we were so excited with director Fernando Frías posted about this lighthouse during filming, we had all kinds of ideas – Ned Lowe was not one of them!)

Samba wished writer Simone Nathan a happy birthday on Instagram.

And Con stuck around after New York Comic Con just long enough to meet up with David Jenkins.

We got some great BTS from Lindsey, she’s becoming a veritable font of content.

October 25

We love whoever this crew member is – thank you Leanne for the BTS!

Our content from Alex this week was almost a daily event. Here we have some photos from episode 7.

HBO is finally connecting a bit with fans! Previously, they offered just shirts and mugs with the logo. These are a little more appealing.

We got some more BTS of the “message in a bottle” scene from David.

We started getting some well-wishes from crew members in advance of the finale.

In the anxiety of Finale Night, folks remembered a certain reveal from writer Alex Sherman earlier this year…

And in the excitement, a huge swathe of the fandom changed their usernames to “Ass Tonight.”

October 26

Finale day was a complicated one for the fandom. Both Nathan and Samba had to remind us to be kind to ourselves, to one another, and especially to the creators of the show.

From Con:

From David Jenkins:

Alex was very proud of his butt, so we got some butt-hind the scenes…

A crew member posted a beautiful video of the inn.

We also got a rare update from director Fernando Frías with some BTS of the finale (and… cows?).

And from writer Eliza Jiménez Cossio.

We discovered that the soundtrack for S2 had been released – you can listen to it on Spotify, or any major music platform!

WBD released a ton of new photographs by Nicola Dove. You can see all of them in our gallery here.

October 27

David gave us a look behind the dream sequence from 2×01 (and a tribute to Con’s fine acting).

And we heard from makeup designer Jess Hunt!

Set decorator Lindsey Cantrell gave us a few BTS photos.

And MCM Comic Con officially kicked off! What a crowd!

It was nice to hear from Leslie…

A crew member shared a picture of the digital wall used for backgrounds. (It’s quite the beast.)

We got our daily dose of Alex…

And some sneaky photos from Samba!

MCM Comic Con had a round of karaoke on Friday evening, and Vico showed up with their family!

October 28

Saturday was the main event at MCM Comic Con – the panel with Rhys, Samson, and Vico.

Someone shared a recording of the panel below, and @ofmdframes also has a thread of clips here.

We got some nice BTS from hair & makeup designer Nancy Hennah for episodes 4&5!

And Max posted a new interview with the crew about filming in New Zealand.

October 29

Some BTS from the finale from Alex – those soldier uniforms were really cool.

This was Samson’s first OFMD convention, and it looks like he had a great time.

Someone managed to get in touch with a crew member…

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