Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, crew! The actors strike is over! 🥳 Congratulations to SAG-AFTRA, and our actors! This week was all about the behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage. And, maybe a couple other things. Let’s get into it! (Reminder that you can find everything below in our gallery!)

November 5

We started the week with some BTS from crew members. A lot of discussion on Twitter about the budget for these sets.

November 6

Alex gifted Twitter with a new SMAU idea…

…and discussed him potentially getting an AO3 account. (How does he not already have one??)

November 8

We were all hypnotized by Minnie…

The Wall Street Journal posted an interview with David Jenkins about the show. (The article is paywalled, but a Twitter user has posted screenshots.) Fans had a lot to say about the budget decision.

Max then sent emails out to many subscribers asking them what they thought of the show, including certain storylines and characters we might want to see in a potential S3. If you didn’t get a survey and want to chime in with your thoughts, you can always do so at Max’s feedback website.

But the biggest news of the day, which came in the evening (US time), was that SAG-AFTRA finally approved a deal with the AMPTP! The actors strike is now over!

Immediately we heard from some of the cast.

But mostly, fans were eager to hear from Samba, who last we checked, had 4,000+ photos saved up.

November 9

David put out a little palate-cleanser to get the day started.

And we heard from Vico about the strikes!

Twitter was ablaze with eagerness to hear from Samba.

In the meantime, Alex gave us a crumb.

Then the floodgates opened. First, we heard from Minnie Driver.

Rhys jumped in, wordlessly sharing a photo of himself.

But the first real BTS post from cast really came from Vico, with this absolutely stunning video.

With the timeline buzzing, a Twitter user recalled talking to Vico at New York Comic Con…

Then we heard from Nathan.

Finally, we heard from Samba. And it was a beautiful post.

Then Kristian chimed in.

Then Con.

Then we got tons of fabulous photos from Samson.

Then we got a great group picture from Ruibo – and it’s not embedding for some reason, but you can find it here. Samba chimed in…

Then we heard from Madeleine…

Some fans spotted Vico wearing a leather glove in Samson’s photos, and were wondering if it was Izzy’s…

Then we got another fabulous video from Vico – and “Garlic Knot” & “Garlic Soup” ship names are confirmed!


Garlic knot before it became garlic soup 👀🖤

♬ original sound – Vico_Ortiz

Then we got the Madeleine photos!

And boy, that was a day!

November 10

We started the morning with some BTS from a crew member of Nathan…

Then Con gifted us with some practice swordplay between takes. His ultimate post on Instagram has cropped photos, a Twitter user managed to snag the full-size ones from his first post.

We also heard from makeup artist Deb Watson.

And more photos from Vico!

We got some great clips from VFX company ReDefine of how they pulled off some of the scenes in S2.

A couple of cast members were chiming in on the fun via their stories on Instagram.

Leslie was commenting on Twitter with fans.

To break up the monotony(!) of BTS, we heard that OFMD merch is one of HBO’s best-selling merch…

…and the Tomatometer score for S2 has increased to 96%!

Makeup artist Deb Watson released a photo of Con’s made-up back to her Instagram stories – but it left out one very important bit, so we got the full image from Con.

There was some discussion of Con’s use of the word “flagellated”…

November 11

We heard from Minnie again!

And from makeup artist Deb Watson again.

And from Vico again!

Certainly, it is a feast! (/hj)

Then we were treated to BTS of Con’s drag look.

And finally, Samba!

Ruibo again provided some treats, and again, the embed feature is not working for that post, so you can see those photos here (or in our gallery).

But the BTS that swept the fandom away that day was surely Leslie’s dancing video…

We loved that the Leslie/Nathan moment was captured on camera for posterity.

Leslie gave us another video, this time a slideshow of pictures.

For one day, it was a lot. (And we loved every minute!)

November 12

To end the week, we got another post from Con.

Other Things This Week

And so the floodgates have opened! Two weeks after the finale, no less! We are going to have a blast with cast and crew over the next weeks. And we’ll be uploading all of it to our website!

Until next time,