Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi crew! What another great week of BTS from both cast and set crew! We are rolling in so much content, just loving it. Let’s go through what we saw this past week!

As a reminder, you can find all the content below in one easy place in our gallery here.

November 12

First we got a little tidbit from writer Alex Sherman.

Then we got an incredible photo dump from David Fane. (Context for the pic where Vico is eating!)

Fans had been clamoring for Rhys BTS, especially mer-Stede BTS, and Rhys heard us!


I had a whole team of amazing makeup artists adding, gluing and glittering the final details once I was in the suit. #rhysdarby #merman #stede #ofmd #sambaschutte #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – RhysieDarby

November 13

We got some more BTS from Con’s on-set makeup artist, Deb Watson.

Max posted a throwback, and gave us a couple new photos (you can see them in the thread below, or in our gallery here).

Vico blessed us with another thirst trap TikTok…

Samba then showed his four outfits from S2.

And director Nacho Vigalondo chimed in on what a great guy Samba is! (Bonus Cameo video from Samba with a nice message!)

November 14

Creator David Jenkins posted a nice photo of Nat and Leslie.

And Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, Australia will be having Con! (It’s not clear yet if he will have a panel, but it looks like definitely at least autographs and a “meet & greet”!)

We got some more BTS of Con…

And speaking of Lindsey Cantrell, we got a couple more posts from her.

Samba then announced he will be doing a miniseries of YouTube videos for us! Here is part 1 of ???

Bronson then took to Twitter to tell us a little backstory of his on-set makeup.

To round off the day, we learned that Sean Andrew Murray, one of the graphic designers for the show, had posted a ton of his stuff to his website! Writer Alex Sherman posted a closeup look at some of the posters and flyers on-set, and we provided some of the concept art!

November 15

We learned from Leslie that the noses are apparently edible…

We got a cheeky post from greens coordinator Leanne Evans…

Deb was sharing Con’s (rather expensive) skincare routine on-set. For those who want to try it: De-Puffing Eye Mask ($110), Black Celestial Diamond Eye Mask ($115), and the Hydration Concentrate ampoule ($175).

At the end of the day, Taika’s new film “Next Goal Wins” had its premiere in Los Angeles. Attending the red carpet was Taika himself, as well as Rhys and Will Arnett, who are also in the movie. It was the first reunion of Taika and Rhys since the OFMD premiere, and they had – well, a lot of fun. You can check it all out in the thread below.

November 16

Thursday was quite eventful! [Deep breath…] First we heard from Con, and got a couple of BTS photos from the amputation scene.

Then we got gorgeous photos of the interior of the Red Flag ship.

We then got a couple of posts in a row from set production assistant Leyla Marandi.

Then it was time for a couple posts from Vico.


I said in a panel that ep 2 from s2 was the hardest… my delirious levels were pretty high at the end of the day 🫠🫠🫠🖤✨

♬ Maniac (Flashdance Version) (Re-Recorded / Remastered) – Michael Sembello

And then from Samba!

And then from Nathan. Somehow he looks like a rugged sailor from the Victorian era in this photo…

Twitter got ahold of a Tumblr revelation, and we all had A Moment.

Then we had a hair-y update from creator David Jenkins…

Post Show Recaps released their interview with costume designer Gypsy Taylor – and it has so much good info! The interview itself lasts for about 45 minutes, pop it on in the background sometime. Seriously, so good.

And then Taika went on The Daily Show to talk about his film “Next Goal Wins” – but Leslie was guest host that night, so guess what else came up! (If this video is region-locked for you, check out all the clips from @ofmdframes on Twitter!)


November 17

On Friday, Samba blessed us with part 2 of ??? of his BTS miniseries. (Or 2/8, perhaps? He seems to be going episode-by-episode here.)

And then we got another Vico TikTok!


he thought i was doing an IG live 😅 Im going through so many videos yall… there is content for over a month 👀🖤

♬ original sound – Vico_Ortiz

November 18

On Saturday, we got to watch Con practicing his swordplay (successfully and not-so-successfully).

That afternoon, Samba hosted a baking class – and revealed tons of deleted scenes and BTS stories! You can read all the tidbits in the thread below.

We also discovered that finally, Japan will be getting S2!

November 19

A couple of Chinese speakers provided translation for Zheng’s ledger. Funnily enough, Zheng Yi Sao canonically lived from 1775-1844, so this emperor actually matches her timeline rather than Stede’s. (You can read more about 两 or “tael” here.)

We heard from another couple of crew members…

And got some more BTS from Samba and Vico!

Other Things This Week

There’s our week, folks. Here in the US we are looking forward to a long weekend and Thanksgiving next week. We will see you next Sunday!

Be excellent to each other,