Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi there, crew! We hope our American followers have had a restful long weekend, and our other followers a nice, normal week. We had some more good BTS this week, plus tons of TikToks! Let’s get into it.

Reminder that you can find all the below images in our gallery here!

November 19

A Twitter user discovered that you can buy one of Ed’s rings!

November 20

Max released several new photos by on-set photographer Nicola Dove. These are not stills, but were taken on-set and provide an alternative view of a scene. You can view the new ones (not yet released by WBD) in our gallery here.

We got some BTS of our actors practicing their fighting skills…

Erroll shared the design for Prince Ricky’s first outfit.

And finally, we hear Will Arnett (Calico Jack, S1) talk about OFMD!

November 21

We started the day with a couple Jenks selfies.

Con shared more of his sword training.

We got another Vico TikTok (phew!).

Samba released another video in his “Behind the Flag” miniseries!

Someone dug up an interview from the GLAAD Media Awards back in March – just posted to YouTube in October for some reason. We loved the energy of this trio that day.

Mads gave us some more BTS.

November 22

Photographer Nicola Dove talked about her time on-set and how difficult it was to take these photos of Calypso’s Birthday. (These photos were released by WBD back in October.)

November 24

Congratulations, Japan! You finally have a way to legally watch S2.

Earlier this week, Taika was quoted in an article saying that S2 felt like a good ending point, and perhaps even alluding to a spinoff show without Stede & Ed. This first statement caused a stir amongst the fandom, but several of us remembered when David Jenkins said that he intentionally made the end of S2 ambiguous, in the event he didn’t get renewed for a third season. In addition, we heard from industry insiders…

We’ll be keeping a close eye on updates regarding a third season and potential spinoffs.

Meanwhile, Erroll shared a rather gnarly BTS photo of his nose prosthetic…

And we got some more set BTS…

Samba and Samson shared gratitude for their time on set in honor of Thanksgiving.

In Samson’s vide of Matthew’s birthday cake, he yells at Nathan in the background… Of course, they were supposed to be hiding Nathan being on set during filming…

And then, Samba gave us all a new reaction image with this one.

Madeleine dropped three TikToks in a row on us poor souls…

And we got yet another new clip of the time when Samba and Con were on the picket lines last month.


On this auspicious Black Friday I bring you… GuessWhoseNipple, an OFMD Cast standard unhinged game show concept courtesy of Con and featuring Samba, our #NapoleonicEnergy king and TallBoi jokester chef respectively 🫶🏻 ☠️ 🏴‍☠️ #ourflagmeansdeath #cononeil #sambaschutte #tallenergy #napoleonicenergy #ofmd #unhinged #ofmdcast #omfd #gaypirates (held this one back for a bit bc I didn’t wanna pull focus from the strike but it’s been suspended pending ratification of the Tentative Agreement. also I wanted to give y’all a gift 🎁)

♬ original sound – Lacey

Second Assistant Director (AD) from S1 Jon Recher piped up when this clip got shared.

November 25

Kristian celebrated his 48th birthday – happy birthday, Kristian!

Con shared these photos, tagged #wet. Thanks Con.

Vico did a live on their Patreon and talked about cut scenes from S2. This is not the first time we’ve heard about the polycule subplot getting a scene axed.


November 26

Nathan gave us a small crumb from S2.

Other Things This Week:

That’s it this week, folx. Enjoy the rest of November!

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