Christmas Round-Up

Lots of the cast and crew were seen celebrating Christmas, or were seen at a holiday party of some kind this weekend. Here’s a roundup of all their well wishes and shenanigans!

Rita Ora tries to make a tequila punch while Taika lurks in the background
Rita Ora & Taika Waititi spend Christmas with their friends.

⚠️ Warning: S2 spoilers below the cut! ⚠️

Here are some other Christmas posts… from (spoilers) cast and showing (spoilers) content!

Thank you to our new cast members for the well-wishes, and Taika for a rare S2 BTS pic! Someone on Twitter had an interesting observation about that last…

Anyhow, it looks like everyone had a fabulous festive season. We hope for many more for everyone, including you, dear reader.

-OFMD Crew