Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi crew! We weren’t able to do a wrap-up last week, so you get two weeks’ worth of updates today! Let’s check out what’s been going on in the Our Flag Means Death fandom!

This’ll be a long post, so tl;dr:

  • Max accounts have been suspiciously active. We’ve seen seven (count them, seven!) posts from official Max accounts – including the actual main one!
  • Fans joined cast and crew on the picket lines on June 14 for a special OFMD-themed strike.
  • Fandom Forward did a livestream on June 14 with Nathan and Kristian!
  • So many potential S2 spoilers and hints!

June 5

SAG-AFTRA (the actor’s union) voted to strike alongside WGA (the writer’s union). According to an article by Deadline, this may impact promotion of shows, so we’ll see how this affects S2 stuff…

June 7

David Jenkins RTd the ECCC clip of fans singing “The Chain.” 😌

We heard from one of the official Max accounts…

June 8

Australia’s official streamer of OFMD put out a tweet (they replied to this tweet in reaction to fan outcry adding credit for David Jenkins).

We also heard from Daddy Jenkins. We’re pretty sure this was just a generic feel-good post for Instagram, but fans thought he might also be talking directly to (impatient) fans…

June 9

If you missed the June 2 Outfest panel with Rhys, Taika, Nathan, Vico, and Con, you can watch it on Twitter now!

June 12

Fans celebrated the six(!) month anniversary of the wrapping of S2 filming. (Technically December 13, by Aotearoa New Zealand reckoning.)

June 13

Supervising Art Director Alec Contestabile posted about Mary’s art style, along with some set photos of her workshop.

Samba is partnering with Stands again to sell an OFMD t-shirt, with a part of proceeds going to charity.

June 14 (Flag Day! 🏴‍☠️)

Fans celebrated this cherished holiday not just as Flag Day (a US holiday) but as the anniversary of the first day of filming for S1:

There were two big events that day, the first being a livestream (and fundraiser) with Fandom Forward featuring guests Nathan Foad and Kristian Nairn. You can follow our live-tweet of the event below, or watch the full event here on YouTube (there are several interviews with others beforehand, Nathan shows up at 59:22 and Kristian at 1:17:31).

Also that day was the OFMD-themed writer’s strike at the WB lot! We had tons of cast and crew show up (including David Jenkins, Alex Sherman and his wife Alyssa Lane, Samba, Vico, Kristen Johnston, and many more)! You can find a recap of what happened at our thread here:

The OFMD WGA strike account has awesome photos of all the strike signs and cosplay:

And Popverse was also on-site, and did a nice recap video:

There were also a couple of potential spoilers that came about at this event…

⚠️ Possible S2 Spoilers ⚠️

These come either second-hand, or from the mouths of liars (we’re looking at you, troll #1 David Jenkins), so take these all with a gigantic grain of salt. But it’s super fun to read through the conversations people were having.

Arguably the biggest came from the Facebook group “Our Flag Means Deathposting” (specifically this post):

The next comes from the Instagram stories of @dorian.they:

And from a Twitter user:


We also heard from three official Max accounts, including the main one – which hasn’t posted about OFMD since September!

To round out this busy day, we also read about an interview with a new S2 cast member…

⚠️ Possible S2 Spoilers ⚠️

We heard back in February that Bronson Pinchot was going to be in S2, but @ajmckay on Twitter dug up an interview describing his audition, and now we’re all terrified:

Excerpt from the linked article: Our Flag Means Death is kind of a cult favorite right now and they told me they wanted me to play a hideous, sadistic torturer. I called the director and asked him, “How do you want me to play it?” He told me, “I want you to play it to terrify me. I don’t want comedy. I saw you in a play twenty-five years ago in New York, and that’s what I want.” I did it, and he said, “You were even more terrifying than I thought!”

June 15

Yet another Max account posted about OFMD…

And we got a little S2 tidbit from an Instagram exchange!

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Alex has been quite forthcoming in S2 details! Crew must be tired of trying to hide everything from fans… (Or they’re having fun trolling us with inaccuracies!) Either way, the fanart potential from this…

June 16

We got another post from an official Max account…

Samba posted some cool background info for his Roach costume:

And a fan dug up some possible S2 photos…

⚠️ Possible S2 Spoilers ⚠️

We knew that S2 was filmed at Kumeu Film Studios in Auckland (AoNZ), and that the studio had garnered a lot of headlines for its construction of a gigantic water tank, but it’s cool to think that someone caught a satellite image of S2 being filmed in the studio, and – if that is indeed what we are looking at – it’s interesting to ponder on why they needed real water for a scene, instead of using CGI like they did in S1.

A behind-the-scenes shot from a costumer last year was making the rounds on Twitter again a couple weeks ago as fans rediscovered this shot of a water tank and diver. We know that the logo for S2 alludes to mermaids, but perhaps there will be… actual mermaids?

June 17

We got one more post from an official Max account…

And Samba was everyone’s friend…

⚠️ Potential S2 Spoilers ⚠️

First of all – 4,170 photos. We’re not going to make it. 💀

But also – who’s being fitted for new rings and gloves? Stede wears rings, but no gloves (at least, in S1!). Izzy wears gloves, but no rings (and that seems to be how he’s dressed in S2, too). Ed wears rings and gloves, but surely he’s already been fitted… And this is in Samba’s possession, so does this mean that Roach will wear gloves and rings in S2? Lots to think about.

Other Stuff:

  • June 4: Friday Tea in Seattle is selling their OFMD tea collection again this year (which was so popular it completely depleted a whole crop of leaves last year). They were burgled back in April and could use some support.
  • June 6: Fan-run convention Our Con Means Death will be running their Kickstarter until July 6. You can purchase in-person tickets (it will be in Bristol, UK) or virtual tickets through the fundraiser.
  • June 6: Screenrant posted a nice feature on Joel Fry.
  • June 6: Matthew Maher did a podcast interview about his acting career.
  • June 7: A new cast member for S2 (so, spoiler alert ⚠️) has reported they split from their long-time partner. We’ll be having them in our thoughts…
  • June 8: LGBTQ+ news outlet PinkNews is just as impatient as us for a S2 trailer!
  • June 8: Fans going to Supercon in Florida later this month can support queer-owned or queer-supporting businesses thanks to this guide by a Twitter user.
  • June 10: Slashfilm did a nice feature on Vico and their character Jim.
  • June 13: Vico did a livestream interview with “Don’t Tell My Mother.” You can watch it here.
  • June 14: There’s going to be an Izzy Canyon meetup at Supercon (July 1). Details here.
  • June 14: AV Club listed OFMD as one of the best Max shows of all time!
  • June 15: Vico did an interview with Pop Sugar.
  • June 15: Nathan did a gig at Moth Club and was spreading the good word.
  • June 15: Indiewire listed OFMD as their #3 best Max show!
  • June 16: Burlesque show “Our Flag Means Pride” will be in NYC, Boston, and Salem in July and August. You can get more details here.
  • June 16: Tim Heidecker (Doug) did a podcast interview with Claudia O’Doherty (Mary), among other guests! It’s fun to see Doug & Mary reunited.
  • June 16: WGA strikers continue to be grateful to fans sending snacks to the picket line. If you want to get involved, DM this Twitter user.

And there we go, folx, that wraps up this update! This upcoming week marks the official start of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and we’re excited to see if anything pans out for the “summer” theory from this past April…

Until next time,